Compost Making, Arran Pilot Potatoes Showing


Today was nice in the sun but a bit of a chill in the air when a cloud came over. So down to the plot where I thought it was time to make a start on the greenhouse.

To secure the beams that will be the footings, I decided to cut down some old fence posts I had at the bottom of plot 5.

Curiously one has gone. I suppose someone wanted it but it would have been nice to be asked. Anyway, equipped with my trusty bow saw the remaining post was soon in four pieces being dipped in a tub of creosote so they won’t rot.

I was hoping Larry would be on the plot to help me put the meccano kit together but no joy. So, after much scratching of head, thought I”d sort the compost bin on plot 29 out.


To compost you need a mixture of nitrogen rich material and carbon rich materials. Once the yin and yang are in balance, Grasshopper, the garden waste will transform into nutritious food for the next generation of plants. As long as it is not too wet or dry and has air, that is.

Over the winter the bin has become compressed, excluding air so by emptying it and re-filling it mixes everything up and adds air. In a matter of a few weeks it should be usable on the plot.

It doesn?t seem too much when you write it down, but trust me, emptying two cubic yards of compost and putting it back again is quite a task. Good exercise, being positive.

Around the plot

Plot 29 looks in good shape now the bottom end is cleared although a bit disappointed how the broad beans have done. The strawberry bed needs another going over and the bottom will benefit from a quick going over with the Merry Tiller.

On plot 5 the Arran Pilot potatoes are starting to pop through. But the purple sprouting has done little but feed the pigeons. They need to come out and the ground turned over. I think that might be my outdoor tomatoes spot.

Quite busy on the site for a while but by six o?clock I was on my own on the site. After moving that compost I was ready for home.

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