Monthly Archives: October 2009

Ready for Halloween

Nice couple of hours on the plot and then back home to get ready for the trick or treaters... I've a few tricks ready for them!

Home Made Seed Tapes

Can you make your own seed tapes at home and avoid wasting time and seed by sowing at the correct spacing

Land for Allotments

Is there a role for private companies and landowners in allotment provision?

Chicken Keeping Welfare

Some thoughts on animal and chicken welfare after reading a trade magazine Sadly, despite publicity galore, over half our eggs still come from battery farms.

Pig Keeping

Reading a trade magazine I've learned some uncomfortable facts about where our pork chops come from.

Potatoes, Tomatoes & Peppers

Back to the plot where I've still got tomatoes ripening, peppers and a bonus crop of potatoes from the compost bin.

River Cottage Meat Book Review

I've been reading the River Cottage Meat book and it's provocative to say the least.

Allotment Shop Seed Suppliers Win Best Buy

In the allotment shop we’ve got a comprehensive seed section where you can easily find and compare seed varieties from Suttons, Dobie and Thompson & Morgan. The site sponsors were accepted as I had bought from them in the past

Allotment Tips

Videos now on the sites - find out more in our allotment and chicken keeping videos.

Catching Up!

Catching up with my diary after a mad 10 days. Cute poultry pictures as well

October 2009

What to do now on your plot!

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