Monthly Archives: September 2007

Things take longer with the new raised bed

Why do all jobs take longer than you think? Getting prepared to put in the new raised bed.

Harvesting Blight Resistant Sarpo Mira Potatoes

Started harvesting my Sarpo Mira blight resistant potatoes and they're really good. Hugely productive and slug resistant as well so great for organic growers.

Finally Some Sunshine!

Weather improves, clearing the greenhouses and a bit of a moan about another plotholder.

Essential Tools for the Vegetable Grower

There are lots of tools that you can buy to garden with but these are the six essential tools that every gardener really needs.

Healthy Organic Carrots Success

These carrots are really something special, not just especially healthy but great looking and tasty too. Finally a success story despite the weather on the plot.

Cat TV & a Small Harvest

Television for cats, a small harvest between the rain bands including my favourite French beans and a visit from Jake

Driving, Shed Sorting, Weeding & Potatoes

Yet more shed clearing, weeding and getting ready to harvest my Sarpo blight resistant potatoes.

Finishing the Shed

Finishing my new shed, the lighting is up and the potatoes and onions are now in their store.

NVS Meeting and Attack of the Slug

Monthly meeting of the National Vegetable Society discussing problems and attack of the giant slug on my return.

Coping with Food Price Increases

More on the shed, harvest from the plot and food prices set to go through the roof.

More Work on the Shed

Preserving the new shed and connecting up the electrics. Things did not go quite to the plan, however.

Food Additives Cause Hyperactivity in Children

A new university study shows that food additives cause behaviour problems in children. But we knew this 20 years ago.

Super New Shed

Our new shed arrives so lots of work demolishing the old and then the shed raising.

Bonus Crops, Building Raised Beds

Bonus crops from the vegetable plot, building a raised bed and re-decorating the kitchen.

September 2007

What to do now on your plot!

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