Finally Some Sunshine!

It started out being pretty miserable but really brightened up in the afternoon so headed off to the plot around 4pm which I had to myself until Larry showed up.

The sun might have been shining but the wind was biting, I felt quite chilled despite having a fleece jacket on.

I’d spent most of the morning and last night overhauling the web site map. If someone tries to visit a page that doesn’t exist they’re redirected to the site map in the hope they can easily find what they were looking for. With all the changes that I’ve made recently and the extra sections things had got more than a little out of sync.

Anyway, that job’s done so back to the plot. My plan was start work on the deep bed on plot 5 so that I can shift some compost into it. One of our newer plotholders turned up a while ago in her car, opened the gates and drove straight to her plot. I must admit it annoys me that some people are so lazy they would rather make ruts in the paths, that they wouldn’t dream of filling, rather than walk all of 100 yards to their plot from the car park.

Anyway, this paragon of self-centredness left the gates wide and when I gently mentioned this pointed out she wasn’t going to be long. Well I made a mental note that next time got a bunch of kids on up to no good that I’d explain her plot was fair game as long as they didn’t touch anybody else’s plot.

One can only assume that the sign on the gate about it being kept locked at all times applies to everyone else but her.

Anyway, the other day she asked how long the compost would be on the path as it was stopping her from driving to her plot. I explained she need not worry, it would be gone by spring. Maybe that will give her the chance to develop the complex skill of closing the gate if not the stamina to walk to her plot. She’s not physically disabled, by the way, just socially challenged.

Well after that bit of spleen being vented I’ll get back to what I did today. First thing was the greenhouses. Got a load more chilli peppers, I think we now have enough chilli peppers to heat the house over winter. Bit short on sweet peppers, though I still have some ripening so we will be able to freeze some later.

The aubergine was in full flower but there’s not enough time for any more fruit to develop so that was for the compost bin. The Red Egg aubergine plant is doing well. This produces egg sized red aubergines, perhaps there is a clue in the name and lots of them.

Cleared all but 4 of the tomatoes as well, there’s a little more fruit to come from there and despite it being a rubbish year, Val informs me we have more than enough to last until next year in the form of sauce.

Finally, in the greenhouses, I got another 4 cucumbers. I think we’ve about 8 in the fridge so it’s either presents for every one or perhaps Val will transform them into a pickle or something.

Greenhouse done it’s down to plot 5 where I got a meal’s worth of runner beans. Not like last year where we got sick of them and left them to form beans, some of which were in tonight’s dinner. Still, some crop is better than no crop.

Back up to plot 29 where I cleared the top small deep bed. I’ve noticed the wood is starting to go on them so I think I’ll have to replace or repair at least in a year. Got a few courgettes as well,  the poor crop this year means we’ve just had enough for once.

Now I treated myself to a present the other day, after much thought and price comparisons I bought a shovel for £4.99 from B&Q. The quality seems perfectly adequate and it certainly speeds up moving the compost.

So another barrow load down. The good news is that the weather man is promising dry if cold for the next three days and that means I can get my potatoes up and hopefully a lot more done on the plot. Now the nights are drawing in, I’ll have to get down earlier and catch up with more in the evenings.


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