Yearly Archives: 2016

Bedfordshire Champion Onions

Up to Date Onions & National Seed List

The onion Up to Date was said to be that strong that eating it raw gave breath that could blister paint! Killed off by the National Seed List in 1973

Germination Testing Seeds

Seed Sorting, Germination Testing & Ordering

Sorting out the seeds prior to ordering and germination testing to see if the seeds in stock are still viable and worth sowing.

Quadgrow Planter

Double Yield from Tomatoes

A new method of growing tomatoes, the Quadgrow planter, is said to double the yield of fruits per plant. I'll be testing this claim out.

Geopod Propagator

Merry Christmas, New Toys & A Smile

A tale of show growing folk that made me smile and a new propagator with grow lights to get things going really early this year and seasons greetings to all

My Polytunnel

Building a Polytunnel

Building a polytunnel. The construction of my 16 x 24 polytunnel in challenging December Welsh weather. The job took about 12 hours.

Finished Benching

Benching Finished in Potting Shed

Finished building the benching in the potting shed, which is made from a frame and 12mm marine plywood tops. Total cost for made to measure - 40 pounds

Grass Field

Decided on a Polytunnel

The only answer to beat the Welsh weather is to grow under cover, So a polytunnel is on the way and hopefully reduce the challenges to growing her for me.

Lights in Shed

Power to the Potting Shed

Having got the main power cable through to my Swallow potting shed on Sunday, on Tuesday I decided to get things wired up. I went through my bits but as is always the way, I’ve loads of things I don’t
John Harrison with potatoes on allotment

Are Allotment Growers Irrational?

Having an allotment and growing veg is irrational. It’s much easier to work for a wage, and then buy your fruit and veg from a supermarket - Discuss!

Barry Marshall

Competition Entries & Results

We had some fantastic entries for our competition asking why people grow their own and sending some wonderful photos of their plot.

Potting Shed

Tidying Up, Power to the Shed

Tidying up the sheds takes longer than expected, running electricity to the potting shed via an extension cable.

Gardener Knife

Win £50 for Christmas Gifts

competition to win 50.00 off Christmas gifts closes 13th December 2016

Rainbow Over Allotments

Weather Variations in Britain

Some thoughts about the weather variations we have in Britain and the way our climate is changing compared to the past.

Ripening Tomatoes

Getting Better, Slowly

The torn calf muscle starting to heal. Last of the tomatoes indoors to ripen and plans for putting power in the potting shed and greenhouse

Offline for Bit

I think before I lift, bend the knees rather than the back and approach things straight rather than twisted. Despite all this I've got caught out.

Losing the Plot in Watford

The decision by the high court to allow the destruction of Farm Gate allotments in Watford affects us all and shows what is wrong with our democracy.

Show Potatoes

Bad Week, Show Growing Potatoes

A sad week with the funeral of my father in law, the weather lets us down on the plot and I look at the effort versus results of growing potatoes in bag

Last Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Winding Down

As the growing season comes to the end for another year, things are winding down in the greenhouse and outside on the plot.

Natural Fencing

Natural Fencing

A look at different methods of fencing using natural materials. Hedges, dry-stone walls, Norwegian skigard fencing and unique to N Wales, slate fencing

Young Rowan Trees

Planting More Rowan Trees

Planting out 10 pot grown Rowan trees and why I am planting trees as part of improving the growing conditions and general environment.

June 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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