Offline for Bit

As a sciatica sufferer I’m careful with my back. I think before I lift, bend the knees rather than the back and approach things straight rather than twisted. Despite all this I’ve got caught out.

We were taking some unwanted bric-a-brac and books to the charity shop and as I lifted a small, quite light box from the car’s boot it happened. But not my back, this was my leg!

A sudden sharp pain like a really bad cramp hit me in the calf. I’m sure the chap from the charity shop thought I was making it up to avoid lifting the boxes but sadly not. Hobbled round to the door hanging onto the roof of the car for support and Val drove us home.

Dr Google informs me elevating the leg and resting it is the best answer – unless you’ve got private medical care in which case a crack team of surgeons will be dispatched and please enjoy this complementary champagne and caviare whilst you wait.

So this means I’ll be taking an enforced holiday for a little while longer at least. I can’t work the computer with my leg up and so won’t be posting until things improve.

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One comment on “Offline for Bit
  1. Dr Joe in Bahrain says:

    Get better quickly. I feel for you.

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