Cabbage Surprise, Strawberries, Peas

Never Say Never!

The other day I gave up on my Hispi cabbage seeds that should have been sown by 2018. I’d sowed 5 packets with an average 55 seeds per packet into three half-sized seed trays and only 3 had emerged in one tray.

Recycled the compost from the two empty trays and left the last one with three seedlings to see how they grew. Dumped the unused packs into the bin. Well today lots more have emerged. I suspect it was one packet being better than the others but that’s just a guess.

So, guess who was fishing packets of seeds out of his bin today? No prize..

Hispi Cabbage Seedlings in Tray

Hispi Cabbage Seedlings in Tray

Since I really don’t expect the seeds to go on another year, I’ll sow each month into trays and what I don’t need for myself, allow to grow on in the tray as a chicken treat. Of course our chickens love microgreens – they’re pure breeds, don’t you know!

Potted up 8 cauliflowers, All Year Round and 4 cabbages, Greyhound. Resowed Little Gem Lettuce with fresh seed.

Thursday – Strawberries

Thursday was a pleasant day but I had a medical appointment which interfered with things. Gary came over and on my return we sorted the hanging basket strawberries in the polytunnel. The Mara des Bois were removed from the baskets and replanted with fresh compost.

Grandson came with Gary and he cleared a few weeds from the greenhouse border. I don’t think his heart was in it judging by his face. Won’t be long before he’s a teenager and helping his old grandfather completely loses it’s appeal. That’s as it should be.

Friday Winds

Friday the weather really went downhill, the wind was gusting up to 60 mph and light showers were hitting sideways. In the potting shed, the peas were just starting to pop up so moved them from the propagator onto the benching in the Eden greenhouse. Noticed the Gemini calabrese just starting to emerge.

The broad beans are ready to plant out – all I need is a decent couple of days and I can catch up. Trouble is, we’re just not getting any decent days. Retrieved a couple of troughs from the big shed to sow some leeks along with some base fertiliser for the Vitavia greenhouse border.

Midnight Cat Rescue

Dexter Cat fast asleep on my desk

Dexter Cat fast asleep on my desk

Midnight Friday or Saturday morning if you prefer. Winds howling, rain lashing and I’m checking everywhere I’ve been with a door. Just as I thought, Dexter cat sat in the Eden greenhouse looking very sorry for himself.

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One comment on “Cabbage Surprise, Strawberries, Peas
  1. Sandie Rose says:

    I have lots of strawberries in 18″ hanging baskets. I was going to scrape off the top inch of compost and apply fresh. Do I really need to replace all of the old compost?

    Also, I’m trying to grow celery for the first time. Seeds are about 1″ tall in small tray on a north facing kitchen window sill. But the seeds seem very very fragile. Any tips?

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