Allotment Garden Diary

My diary of my attempts, success and failures growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and gardening on an allotment.sized vegetable plot with a garden as well

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Brassica Cage

New Brassica Cage

Building a new protective brassica cage for the walled vegetable garden.

Potatoes Sweetcorn Patch

Sun, Sweetcorn & Beans

Burned in the sun, planted out sweetcorn and starting the French and Runner Beans

A snapshot of my greenhouses

Sometimes there's that much going on the easiest thing to do is grab what's happening on a particular day.

Fresh Strawberries

Dry, Spuds, Beans, Currants & Strawberries

We need some rain.. but things are moving along and crops coming. Reorganising the walled vegetable plot

Colleen Potatoes Polytunnel;

Polytunnel, Greenhouse & a Small Disaster

Not everything going smoothly or to plan but things are coming together!

Squash Bed

Preparing the Squash Bed

Last year I enjoyed great success with squash and pumpkins in the field plot so this year I'm further improving the soil and creating a new bed for squash.

Leek Plants

Sweetcorn, Climbing Beans, Leeks

The weather has been amazing, warm and dry, so getting on with things outside when work allows. The saga of the leeks, headbanging time!

Medwyn WIlliams
Raised Bed

New Beds, Sowing, Potatoes

Making the most of some decent weather by catching up on the plot. Well behind but we're getting there.

Home Made Hand Sanitiser

Home Made Hand Sanitiser – Anti Viral

How to make your own anti-viral hand sanitiser at home. Keep safe and save money.

Autovents, Strawberries & Tomatoes

Spares for the autovents, more on strawberry growing and too many tomatoes by far.


Soul Food!

I rarely mention flowers as I concentrate on growing for the table but man does not live on brassicas alone. Some food for the soul.

Rejuvenate Your Potting Compost

With garden centres closed where to get potting compost? Rejuvenate old compost. A lesson from history as well that we can take heart in.

Allotment Questions about the virus lock down

I'm getting lots of questions about allotmenting in this situation. Too many to reply to individually, sorry. Hopefully this will answer most of them.

Virus Update, Allotments Open, Books & Tools

Some unexpected effects of the pandemic on allotment and home growers. Getting deliveries out for us and our partners.

3 Signs of Spring

Spring is here and I can prove it. Got the peas and broad beans planted but the bench space in the greenhouse has been occupied.

Growbag Waterer

Trying out the Hozelock growbag waterer. A wick based system which should give better results with a growbag.


Heeling in the Leeks

How to heel leeks in. This will free space for your other crops. The leeks will keep fresh and well for a few weeks after heeling in.

Coping with difficult times

We're social distancing as the government suggest. Our book sales will continue in the UK only, Progress on Dig for Victory

June 2020
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