Allotment Garden Diary

My diary of my attempts, success and failures growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and gardening on an allotment.sized vegetable plot with a garden as well

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Leaf Cutter Bee

Leaf Cutter Bees

Looking at the damage caused by leaf cutting bees. But are they a pest or a garden helper? I think we need all the bees we can get!

80 watt solar panel fixed to frame

Polytunnel Ventilation – Solar Powered Cooling System

Controlling temperature and humidity is critical. I've tackled the problem of polytunnel ventilation by installing a solar powered cooling system.


Worms – Increasing Worm Population

A reader is concerned at the lack of worms in the soil. Taking a look at some causes of low worm population - how to increase worm populations in the soil.

Rocks and Rubble

Improving a New Property’s Clay Soil

A new house with a soil made of clay, rocks and rubble. Some ideas and a plan for improving the clay soil without too much work in one go.

Polytunnel Centre Bed

Planting in the Polytunnel, Snail Invasion!

The weather remains pretty poor so I'm concentrating on working in the polytunnel and greenhouse. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

Strawberries in Hanging Basket

Strawberries by the kilo!

The strawberries are doing really well in the polytunnel already. Looking at increasing production of this wonderful fruit for next year too.

Woodchip Path Between Raised Beds

Gravel Paths on Allotments

Is it a good idea to use gravel for paths between beds on an allotment plot. I answer a question with some thoughts on gravel paths.

Chilligrow Greenhouse

In the Greenhouse – New Equipment on Test

Setting up the greenhouse for growing rather than propagating. Testing out a Chilligrow and Self Watering Tower Pots.

Polytunnel Strawberries

Polytunnel Report

Polytunnel coming back into production for the season - expanded on strawberries in baskets. Peppers planted and potatoes near ready.

growing questions answers

Growing Questions & Answers May 2019

Growing Questions and Answers for May 2019 on various subjects

swallow potting shed roof

Swallow Potting Shed Leak Fixed

The guys from Swallow Greenhouses came over on Monday and fixed the leak from the opening windows on the Potting Shed.

Border Tomatoes
Broken Glass in the Grass

Madman of North Wales

I'm afraid I managed to convince some visitors to our fair land that they might have blundered into the land of the crazies.

Folding Greenhouse Staging

As Always, Plans Gone to Pot!

What I'd planned to do before the new greenhouse blew down and what I'm planning now.

greenhouse storm damage

Greenhouse, Wind & What Lies Ahead

After losing the new greenhouse, what to do next? Looking at a hurricane proof polytunnel in the Shetlands - a very windy place.

greenhouse storm damage f

Disaster Strikes New Greenhouse

Storm Hannah arrived in the early hours of Saturday and my new greenhouse is destroyed.

Eden Greenhouse

New Greenhouse Finished (Almost!)

The new greenhouse is basically finished, only 3 months behind schedule. Very pleased, all the same.

Greenhouses on Allotments

Should Greenhouses be Banned on Allotments?

Should we ban the use of glass on allotments in case somebody cuts themselves? Is it a sensible precaution or nanny-state culture gone mad?

growing questions answers
Greenhouse & Coldframes

More Greenhouse Progress – Dead Sheep Only Sleeping!

A bit more progress on the greenhouse build although strong winds nearly disassembled it! And the dead sheep that came back to life.

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