Allotment Garden Diary

My diary of my attempts, success and failures growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and gardening on an allotment.sized vegetable plot with a garden as well

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Coming Food Crisis?

In my opinion, those who can should be looking to grow as much as they can for themselves as the global food situation worsens.

Watering, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Garlic

Busy time of year! Watering, sideshooting tomatoes, harvesting beans and garlic. It's non stop on the plot.

Quick Catch-up

Keeping up with the diary has fallen behind so a bit of a catch up.

Weed Free Brassica Cage Setup

For years now I’ve grown the bulk of my leafy brassicas under nets. Now I’ve made it virtually weed free as well as pest free.

Potatoes arriving, Sweetcorn planted, Shredder Problem

There's a lot going on at the moment but it's always a matter of running to keep up with everything.

Fruitful – Finally!

It looks like we're going to have a lot of fruit this year judging by the blossom and developing currants. About time!

Potatoes to Tomatoes

Last of the maincrop potatoes planted out in the walled vegetable garden. Tomatoes leaving the propagators - planting in the greenhouse border

May Exclusive Offers & Voucher Codes

Exclusive voucher codes for gardening equipment, seed potatoes plus our books with free seeds and postage offer.

Rationing May Come Again

Will we see rationing again in Britain. A year ago I would have said no but now I fear we may well see rationing again.

Sweetcorn, Potatoes, Tomatoes & Compost Problems

Keeping very busy on the plots, in the greenhouses and the potting shed. It’s been a slow start but I’m catching up now.

April Exclusive Offers & Voucher Codes

Exclusive voucher codes for gardening equipment, seed potatoes plus our books with free seeds and postage offer.

Back Gone Again but Keeping On

My back has gone again which is incredibly frustrating. Some relief from the osteopath but it’s not a quick fix.

Woodchips, Lawnmower, Planting Potatoes & Onions

They say to be careful what you wish for - we've more woodchips than expected! Lawnmower rebuilt and busy potting.

Early Potatoes, Sowing Started, Rabbits

To be honest, things have not started that well this season. Still, seeds are getting sown and early potatoes planted in the polytunnel.

Growing Potatoes – A Guide

I believe that the potato is the most important and versatile crop the home grower can grow. It’s also one of the most underrated crops.

March Exclusive Voucher Codes & Offers

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Ukraine Symbol

Ukraine Invasion

Putin’s Russia invading Ukraine has consequences for us all as growers. It's a re-run of history and we need to think about what's coming.

Storm Eunice Damages Both Greenhouses

I suppose we got off lightly compared to many when Eunice rampaged across the land but both greenhouses are damaged.

recycled materials greenhouse

Recycled Materials Greenhouse

I had a lovely email from Lesley Heatley who has built a brilliant small greenhouse to get her seeds started from scrap wood and recycled plastic.

July 2022

What to do now on your plot!

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