Allotment Garden Diary

My diary of my attempts, success and failures growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and gardening on an allotment.sized vegetable plot with a garden as well

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Strawberry Runners

Preparing the Polytunnel

Preparing the polytunnel for sweetcorn, planting potatoes and strawberry runners. My favourite fruit!

Harvesting Sarpo Mira Potatoes

Sarpo Potatoes Offer

Special deal on Sarpo Kifli and Sarpo Blue Danube potatoes.

Garlic Netting Tunnel

Master Garlic Grower Shares How he Grows Garlic

Stewart Jones, a keen garlic grower from Mansfield Woodhouse, shares how he grows his garlic crop on his plot on the Kingsley Allotment site.


Preparing the New Bed & in The Potting Shed

We've had some shocking weather but I have at least made a good start on the new no-dig bed and nearly kept up with the sowing plan in the potting shed.

Growing Questions & Answers March 2019

A selection of questions I've been asked about growing and gardening. Hopefully the answers will help a wider audience.

Raking Wood Chips

Spell of Glorious Weather Catch Up

3 days of great weather lets us get some of the outside jobs sorted. Sowing beans, planting garlic and putting the grandson to work.

Heeling Leeks

Heeling in the Leeks

By heeling leeks in, they'll effectively store in good condition for another couple of weeks at least - stopping them bolting and freeing up bed space.

Bay Tree in a Pot

Bay Tree Looking Ill – What to do?

my bay tree which is looking rather sparse for leaves. Could you give me any guidance on how to encourage thicker growth?

Covering Border Mulch

More Woodchips, Storm Damage, Leylandii & Leeks

Creating a new decorative border, mulching with woodchips and cardboard, storm damages coldframe, windbreak leylandii growing fast.

sowing schedule

Sowing Schedule 2019

My seed sowing plan for 2019 is set up in a spreadsheet which you can download as an example for yourself.

Snow Field

A Slow Start, Under the Snow

Looking at the snow blanketing the fields and plots, covering the plants waiting patiently for spring and warmth to burst back to life.

Chitting Potatoes

Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Purple Cauliflower & Other Flowers

Chitting potatoes, onions in store, garlic in pots, purple cauliflowers and primroses flowering and daffodils ready to flower.

Coloured Beets Collection from Suttons

White Beetroot amongst the red beets – What Causes White Beetroots?

Understanding why white beetroot are appearing from a packet of red Boltardy Beetroot seeds takes us into how we breed new varieties of vegetables.

Brexit Cartoon

Brexit Blues

The probability of us leaving the EU without an agreement could result in higher prices for food and shortages of fresh vegetables in the shops.


Cataract – Here we go Again!

I've been diagnosed with another cataract – so my right eye will have a bionic lens soon. It's frustrating waiting but the operation isn't bad.

Slugs on Lettuce

Metaldehyde Slug Pellet Ban Announced – Slug Killing Options Now

Metaldehyde based slug pellets will be withdrawn from sale, the government announced. What effective alternatives for slug control?

Harvesting Potatoes

Largest Yield from One Seed Potato Competition

An old allotment competition is to see who can grow the biggest yield of potatoes from just one seed potato. This article explains how it is done.


Winter Solstice – Merry Christmas

Early Sowing, Winter solstice and Yule and Christmas Greetings to everyone.


Taking it Easy – Catching up on my reading.

Catching up on reading gardening books old and new whilst the weather outside is awful. A quick report on what is happening on the plots

Eden Burford Greenhouse

A New Greenhouse Coming Soon

I've got a new Eden Burford greenhouse arriving on Monday. 10 feet long, 6 feet wide. Why I decided to get another greenhouse.

March 2019
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