Tomatoes, Brassicas, Beans and more

When I first started this blog some 20 years ago now, I could spend a day working hard on the plot, get home and have tea before writing up what I’d done. Nowadays my spirit is willing but I’m more likely to doze off on the sofa than write up the day. Still, jobs are getting done even if I’m a lot behind on writing things up.

Tomatoes in the Vitavia Greenhouse

Tomatoes Planted in Greenhouse Border

Tomatoes Planted in Vitavia Greenhouse Border. Begonias in troughs to put out. Rodent patrol by Dexter Cat!

The tomatoes are finally planted up in the Vitavia Greenhouse. The soil in border had been refreshed and last year’s strings rolled down for them to grow up. In the border I’ve Sungold, Black Opal, Crimson Blush, Crimson Crush and Crimson Plum.

In the Quadgrows I’ve three Crimson Plums in each. That leaves one empty in each awaiting the second sowing of Crimson Plum to grow on a bit. I want to do a fertiliser trial later so I don’t want blight vulnerable tomatoes in there.

I thought I had more Crimson Crush than I have, pretty sure I’ve mislabelled some Crush as Plum. It really is impossible to know until the fruits appear.

Along with the tomatoes in the Vitavia’s border I’ve planted some marigolds – the French Marigold’s scent repels whitefly by all accounts. I’ve also planted some Little Gem lettuces. Probably a bit late for greenhouse lettuce, too hot, but this year seems to be a cold one.

Sowed radishes – French Breakfast and White Icicle – in the border along with Purple Top Milan turnips and White Lisbon spring onions. Really should have had the saladings started weeks if not months ago. Truth is, the weather was so rubbish that I didn’t feel like salad and now it’s cheering up..

Brassica Tunnels Planted Up

Brassicas in Netting Tunnel planted through weed mat

Brassicas in Large Netting Tunnel planted through weed mat

Both the brassica tunnels are planted up. Pyramid cabbages – Hispi and Greyhound, white ball cabbages – Earliest of All, red cabbages – Red Acre, two types of calabrese – Green Magic and Gemini, cauliflowers – Skywalker and Brussels sprouts – Brodie. I’ve still some plants leftover which I’ll tuck in somewhere outside of the tunnel’s protection.

I’ve arranged them so the faster growing cabbages are interspersed with the slower-growing, more space-hungry cauliflowers etc. As the cabbages come out it will leave space for the developing plants.


Beans in Rootrainers

Beans in Rootrainers Ready to Plant

Started Gigantes and Borlotti beans in rootrainers to go into the polytunnel. Both need a warmer climate for longer than they’re likely to get outside here.

Also sowed runner beans Lady Di into rootrainers. They’ll actually go outside in the sheltered walled vegetable plot.

The French climbing beans and dwarf beans will be sown directly. I’ll soak them in tepid water for half an hour prior to sowing which will help awaken them and speed germination.


The Pot of Gold sweetcorn is disappointing, looks like I’ll end up with 12 to 14 plants from the pack of 20 seeds. They will go in the polytunnel centre bed. Because I wanted more sweetcorn, chitted and sowed some Sweetcorn Swift into rootrainers which will go out into a block in the walled plot.

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