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Purple Top Milan Turnip Seeds


Purple Top Milan turnip, introduced prior to 1888, remains the most popular turnip variety. Smooth white bulbs with a bright purple top.

1000 Seeds per packet 95p

99 in stock

Purple Top Milan is an Italian heritage variety from Milan. It presents a flat white turnip with purple shoulders, known for its ease of cultivation, rapid maturation, and superb fresh flavor or storage capabilities. Featuring a creamy white flesh that’s firm, crunchy, and mildly sweet, it’s a versatile vegetable that can be enjoyed pickled, cooked, or raw. Additionally, its nutritious and tasty leaves can be prepared similarly to other greens.

Turnips can be planted indoors as early as February or directly outdoors from mid-March to May. Using fleece or netting is advisable to shield them from root fly infestations.

For maincrop turnips, the optimal planting window is from mid-July to late August. Turnips are known for their rapid growth and minimal nutrient needs.

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