Ruby Swede Seeds


The Ruby Swede boasts a deep purple skin and a luscious, yellow interior cultivated for enhanced sweetness they are easy to grow and hardy.

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Ruby Swede demonstrates excellent storage capabilities and displays remarkable resistance to powdery mildew. A valuable asset to any garden, Ruby Swedes are straightforward to cultivate and exceptionally resilient to winter conditions.

Sow your Ruby Swede seeds in a compact soil bed between May and mid-June, planting them 2cm deep with a spacing of 38cm between rows. Swedes do not need a lot of feeding, 50 grams per square metre of general purpose fertiliser like fish, blood & bone or Growmore applied a couple of weeks before sowing, is usually sufficient.

Expect germination within 14 days, and once the seedlings are well-established, you can transplant them after three weeks. Swedes typically take approximately 180 days to reach full maturity. As they grow larger, they start protruding from the soil during the cool autumn season, making them easy to pull up when ready for harvest.

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