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Golden Sunrise Tomato Seeds


The Golden Sunrise tomato yields vibrant golden-yellow fruits that bring a cheerful touch to mid-summer salads and are excellent for creating flavourful sauces. Its taste is remarkably sweet, fruity, and unique compared to other tomato varieties.

50 Seeds per Packet 99p

32 in stock

The Golden Sunrise, an heirloom variety thriving in the early to mid-season, yields medium-sized, well-formed, golden-yellow tomatoes. These fruits are pleasantly fleshy, boasting a delightful sweetness with tart undertones. As an appealing RHS AGM cordon variety, the Golden Sunrise introduces a vibrant touch of gold to your summer salads and vegetable platters.

However, caution is advised as they are susceptible to splitting in unfavourable wet weather conditions or excessive watering.

When cultivating Golden Sunrise tomatoes, expect a tall plant with 4-6 medium-sized fruits per truss. Once the fruits have developed and started transitioning from green to yellow, ease up on watering, opting for a light morning spell. Direct the water to the base of the plant to prevent splashing and minimize the risk of blight. Avoid heavy watering or excessive liquid feeding, as these practices may lead to the splitting of the yellow tomato fruits.

Indeterminate or Cordon variety – will need staking or stringing and side shooting.

There’s a lot of information on the site about growing tomatoes


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