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Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco 2 Climbing Bean Seeds


Amazing red mottled pods that swell to hold the red / white haricots. A great-tasting, colourful addition to any garden.

40 Seeds per packet 99p

Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco is a climbing French bean that produces lengthy pods. Vibrant with red mottling, containing cream-coloured beans splashed with red.

Can be enjoyed as fresh green pods but generally grown for the haricot beans within, these beans boast an excellent flavour. Their vibrant colour adds a playful touch for children, and the red splashes on the pods make them easily distinguishable amid the foliage.

Although the beans’ colour may fade during cooking, rest assured that their outstanding flavour remains intact. Harvest them when young for the pod. Needs a long season if you wish to utilize the dried beans in soups, stews, and casseroles.

Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco thrives in containers and patio gardens. However, being a climbing bean, it necessitates staking or stringing for proper support.

Sow in April / May for a crop in August through September. They do need a long good season for the beans to dry but in cold or wet years, uproot and hang in the greenhouse or a shed to thoroughly dry out. They do very well in our polytunnel where they get the length of season needed to give of their best.

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