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Green Magic F1 Calabrese / Broccoli Seeds


Green Magic is a swiftly maturing calabrese broccoli type, renowned for its compact heads and abundant side shoots post-harvest. It stands out as one of the most hassle-free broccolis to cultivate, delivering high yields consistently.

10 Seeds per packet £1.25

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Broccoli / Calabrese Green Magic F1This well loved early broccoli variant, Green Magic, showcases impeccably formed, consistent heads that reach maturity just in time for summer. The heads boast a distinct blue-green hue and a tighter formation compared to other early varieties. Once the primary head is harvested, this broccoli continues to yield delicious side shoots throughout the summer months.

Notably, Green Magic exhibits exceptional heat resilience, remaining impervious to premature bolting even in warmer temperatures. Furthermore, it demonstrates robust resistance against common brassica ailments such as downy mildew and white rust.

Ideal for both fresh consumption and various processing methods like freezing or canning, Green Magic proves versatile in the kitchen. It’s important to note for organic gardeners that Green Magic F1 seeds come pre-treated against soil-borne diseases, rendering them unsuitable for certified organic cultivation.

Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit winner.

Sow in March, April and May in trays or modules moving up to 9cm pots for eventual planting out at 45cm each way spacing. NB – leave in the ground after cutting the main head and the plant will produce lots of side shoots through the season. Harvest from July to October.


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