Cold Weather Causes Problems

Vitopod 3 Tiers to side

Vitopod with third side tier fitted as tomatoes overdue for planting out

This cold weather is creating problems. The greenhouse temperatures have fallen to three degrees some nights so I don’t want to plant out the tomatoes and cucumbers yet. This means that the Vitopod heated propagators are overcrowded in the potting shed as are the greenhouse benches.

The cucumbers had to be potted on into larger pots which will hold them for a week or a bit more. My late sowing of Nagina (the tomato formerly known as Crimson Plum) had 100% germination and the seedlings were pricked out into 9cm pots. These were squeezed into the Vitopod which has lights on most of the day to support the overcrowded plants.

The tomato Vitopod had to have another layer added as the tomatoes were pushing the lids. That’s three layers now. The smaller plants are on upturned seed trays to put them a little nearer to the lights.

Brassicas Moved to Eden Greenhouse

Leafy Brassicas in Pots

Leafy Brassicas in Pots on Eden Greenhouse Floor

Most of the leafy brassicas are now in the Eden greenhouse in a gravel tray on the floor. It’s cool down there but not as exposed as outside. Hoping to start planting out in a few days.

Benching Full

Pots of plants on greenhouse bench

Benching full in the Eden greenhouse

Nearly all of the benching in the Eden is occupied now. The heated trays helping the sweetcorn in pots awaiting planting in the polytunnel along with some of Val’s patio plants, mainly geraniums. The leeks in the Bustaseed modules to the right on the unheated benching.

Val loaded up with plug plants at the garden centre which will go into the pots on the patio. Her task was to choose them and my job is to pot and grow them on until they can go out. There was a time when most of them would stay in the modules they were bought in until planting but the peat-free compost they use to demonstrate their green credentials is so unforgiving. I’ve already lost a few plants in just a week.

Potting On the Blueberries

Blueberries in pots

Blueberries in pots on patio, The concrete outer pots help to prevent the wind blowing the pots around if we have a storm

I thought it would take me about an hour to pot up the blueberries. That’s called wishful thinking. First of all I had to find some large pots for them. Much comparing to decide which pots were bigger than others.

It became apparent after I started that I’d need more ericaceous compost than the 40 litre bag I’d got. So, down to the garden centre for more. Val came along for yet more flowery things and Grandson Gabe to help.

Lifting down the bag of compost from above my head height was taxing. Grandson offered to lift it if I could lift him up to it. Not his most practical idea but his heart’s in the right place.

Mantis in Action, Merry Tiller Poorly

The plan was to run the Merry Tiller over the walled veg plot but it stubbornly refused to fire up. In the end we returned it to the shed to rest and got the Mantis out. We’ll try again later in the week but if we can’t get her to run, it’s the repair shop job and a second mortgage!


Brassica cages got a good liming.  Rain will wash the lime in before we plant up.

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One comment on “Cold Weather Causes Problems
  1. Clifford Smith says:

    I read with interest your article about Cold Problems. I have an Allotment, South facing in North Somerset and does the wind blow up it. I ha 3x3m Polytunnel and it’s now getting a bit crowded with plants that should be planted out either inside or outdoors. Like many a gardener these last few months have not been good. As I write this the rain is lashing down again. Our local Show is only 3 months away and already I’m not sure there will be enough to put in it. A bad year all round.

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