Yearly Archives: 2013

Out With A Bang – Happy New Year!

When the neighbours come round and ask if they can have their roof back, you know it's been storming.

Merry Christmas! Blessed are the Cheesemakers.

New threat from the EU to gardeners, new articles on the site about making butter and cheese and wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Preparing for WInter

The recent storms have punched home the message that winter is here so we've been in a last minute rush to be ready for snow and power cuts.

Preventing Windrock

One big problem with brassicas, especially sprouts, but other plants as well is windrock. What it is and how to defend against the wind.

Killer Week & Giant Storm

Playing removal men is pretty tiring, Thoughts on the clock change and the giant tempest misses us completely!

Busy Time & Potato Results

Lady Balfour potatoes feed the slugs but the Sarpo Mira are brilliant

Waste Not, Want Not

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure and eating well can be done for a lot less than you might think.

Mayan Gold & Lady Balfour Potatoes & Outdoor Tomatoes

Harvesting maincrop potatoes, Mayan Gold and Lady Balfour plus some thoughts on outdoor growing potatoes.

Batten Down the Hatches!

Preparing for winter and the inevitable storms and a series of articles on growing and using comfrey on the site

Pesticide Use

Are we going too far with pesticide regulations or not far enough. My thoughts on the issue.

Growing & Planting Out Conifers

Growing conifers and trees on in pots to plant out when they're a few years old.

Harvesting Onions & Potatoes

Building an onion drying frame, drying onions, checking potatoes and storing garlic in oil

Potatoes, Leeks & Pestilence!

Harvesting potatoes, planting out leeks and the pests are back

Local Allotment Visit

Visiting local allotments where I learn how to handle this stony soil and what the top 3 beginners mistakes are.

Potato Harvest Results & Moon Magic

It's such a pleasure to report a decent crop of potatoes rather than be moaning about how the plants have drowned or withered under blight

Potatoes, Leeks and Currant Jam

Growing leeks, harvesting the potatoes and loads more articles on the site including in-depth articles on brassicas and club root

Setting up New Plot in Walled Garden

Clearing an overgrown old walled garden to turn or return it to a productive vegetable plot

May 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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