Killer Week & Giant Storm

The last week has been a killer to say the least. Our daughter moved house on Tuesday from Leeds to just half a mile up the road from us. So I went up on the Monday night to help. There was a time when a three hour drive was nothing much but nowadays the traffic seems busier and more aggressive. Perhaps it’s just age creeping up but I suspect living in the countryside has a lot to do with it.

Many of our local roads are single track and we all know to give way and those who drive fast don’t do it for long before they end up in a stone wall or buying new suspensions. Local drivers all tend to wave an acknowledgement and even the walkers say hello as they pass. Do that in London and they’ll probably take you into hospital.

Anyway, Tuesday morning arrived and frantic lorry loading with it. That wouldn’t have been as bad if I’d had more than 5 hours sleep! Then the lorry was full but the house wasn’t empty and the garden not even touched. By the time we were back and unloaded, yours truly was about ready to get a job as an extra in a zombie film.

There was only one thing for it and on Saturday hired a van to get the rest of the gear. We got back late, everything takes longer than planned, and unloaded by 10pm. Now this is where you can laugh, although I didn’t at the time. Dragging myself out of bed on Sunday morning to return the hire van, I would have paid good money for an extra hour in bed. Dressed and drinking a cup of tea I realised I’d forgotten the clocks changed and the rest of the country had that extra hour!! At least I got my extra hour in bed on Monday morning.

What do You Think?

Now, there is a serious question after my waffling about a tiring week, the clocks changing. Tonight it’s gone dark by 5:30pm which doesn’t give much evening time on the plot to say the least. Now obviously you can argue that it’s an ‘extra’ hour on the start of the day but most people tend to have a frantic rush in a morning at best and getting half an hour on the plot followed by cleaning up and getting changed for work just isn’t going to happen. Or is it just morning people versus night owls? I’d be interested in any comments.

The Giant St Jude Tempest

Normally if there’s going to be a storm, we catch it. 100Mph winds aren’t very rare here. The wind whips in over the sea and is funnelled by the Snowdonia mountains. The clouds roll in, hit that barrier and dump their water as cloudbursts, turning the track into a stream.

So today was really odd, the news was full of storm warnings about 80Mph winds overnight and trees being uprooted, power lines down etc. so we were prepared for the worst. What happened here? Nothing. In fact there was hardly any wind at all. It’s certainly a funny old world.

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