Yearly Archives: 2010

Selling Allotment Produce

Some thoughts on selling produce from the allotment.

Merry Christmas

A bit of a ramble and our Christmas wishes to everyone

Fast Weather

Some thoughts on our weather, micro-climate and how it effects our growing.

Using Coal Ash in the Garden

Is using coal ash on the garden safe and sound or will it kill you and the plants in short order?

Wood Burning Stove

Our wood burning stove is finally installed. Our experience with this may be helpful.

Rural Living

Some observations on our new life in the country, rural living versus being a townie.

Preparing for Winter

Protecting your equipment against winter damp, disposing of petrol and a bit of a rant about the supermarkets ripping us off.

Considering Windbreaks

Considering the need for windbreaks if we're going to have a hope of growing much here.

Landed In Wales

We've moved now and even got some of the boxes unpacked! The veg area is chosen.

Farewell for a bit

Last post for a couple of weeks as we clear the plot and pack up for our new life in Wales.

A New Era

We're moving on the 15th October to a smallholding in N Wales - Fron Dirion

Moving & Harvest as Therapy

The move proves stressful but the plot soon relaxes me and it is productive too!

Sweetcorn Surprise

More sweetcorn than expected, squash, tomatoes and beans with yet more courgettes for the larder.

Demand for Allotments – Can You Help?

The allotment waiting lists have gone up another 20% in a year. Can you help get more allotements?

Bit of a damp week

Harvesting, dodging rain and a little bit of filming work on the plot.

Improving the Soil

Some thoughts on the condition of the soil now as against when I took the plots on.

Pumpkins, Squash & The Rest

Photographing the plot over the years, harvest continues with a result for pumpkins and squash.

New Blight Resistant Potato Kifli

Thompson and Morgan announce the availability of a new variant on the Sarpo range of blight resistant potatoes.

Storing Your Home Grown Crops

Our new book How to Store Your Home Grown Produce is now available.

Greenhouses, Harvesting & Autumn’s Here

Looking at greenhouses, bringing in the harvest and I'm getting poetical as autumn approaches.

May 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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