Yearly Archives: 2006

Harvesting Salsify, Parsnips and Sprouts

Finally escape to the plot where it has been replaced with a swamp. Harvesting salsify, sprouts and parsnips.

Pesticide Residues in Food Crops

Started preparing beds in the greenhouses and the nice chaps from the council come through with the leaves.

National Vegetable Society Meeting with Medwyn Williams

A really great night at the NVS meeting with a talk by Medwyn Williams and a progress report from Ford Lane Allotments.

Where are the Autumn Leaves to Make Leafmould?

Where are our leaves? Is this an evil plot or have we offended the allotment lords? And where was the sun for us today?

Planting Garlic as Autumn Arrives and Borlotti Beans

The nights drawing in mean less time on the plot, just when I need it. Still, managed to plant the garlic, clear a bed and get a few beans.

Clearing up the Allotment Plots

Time to clear up and make the allotment plots look respectable before I get a reprimand from the rep.

Harvesting Potatoes, Leafmould Stolen!

The leafmould thief has struck, more potatoes, a warm rug for the heap and Mr Mole.

Strawberries, Cauliflowers and Cucumbers

Plans go wrong - how unusual - but did get a bit of time on the plot. Eight cucumbers, half a pound of strawberies and cauliflowers as well.

Last of the summer tomatoes, decent cauliflowers

Clearing the last of the tomatoes and accepting the summer is over, but a surprise crop of rather good cauliflowers

Greenhouse Workstation and Allotment Web site

I don't care if it rains, I'm quite dry despite the monsoon in my greenhouse fitting up my new greenhouse workstation.

Greenhouse Door, Strawberries, Beetroot and Tomatoes

The greenhouse finally has a door that opens and closes, still a little being harvested and some smashing offers in the allotment shop

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