Monthly Archives: September 2006

Greenhouse Door, Strawberries, Beetroot and Tomatoes

The greenhouse finally has a door that opens and closes, still a little being harvested and some smashing offers in the allotment shop

National Vegetable Society Meeting and Harvesting Tomatoes

Been quite a busy week with meetings about rhubarb, meetings about the new NVS web site and finally down to the plot to get yet more tomatoes, clear some weeds and worry about the wind.

Cutting Greenhouse Glass and Composting

Tidying up the building site, cutting greenhouse glass and filling the compost bins.

Greenhouse Glass Danger and the NVS Web Site

The greenhouse nearly kills me and I'm not joking plus the web site I've been working on for a month finally goes live.

Constructing the Greenhouses

Yet more greenhouse building but the smaller one is very nearly finished and the big one a little further off completion. So now I have two greenhouses!

Greenhouse Construction and Harvesting Sweetcorn and Tomatoes

More on the greenhouse construction, Val harvesting sweetcorn and tomatoes and letters from the police regarding the intruders.

More Greenhouse Construction

Still building the mother of all greenhouses and taking down the greenhouse next door ready to transport it to the plot.

Allotment Thief Breaks into Sheds

Bill the burglar pays a visit to the site but seems to have left empty handed, thank goodness. The greenhouse gets glazed, well mostly glazed and I meet a trusting glazier plus discover how prices of greenhouse bits can vary.

Greenhouse Building Help from Friends

More greenhouse building with a lot of help from my friends. Now it's ready for the glass.

Storing the Harvest and Raising the Greenhouse

The famous greenhouse starts to come together with a lot of help from my friends. On the home front, the kitchen is now a food preparation factory.

September 2006

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