Monthly Archives: September 2018

Leeks Chickweed

Leeks, Lettuce & Lumberjacking

Leeks doing well, but is it a new method or just the wonderful summer? Pruning panic growth from the trees and trouble with the shredder.

Tomatoes Cucumbers

Autumn Blues

Getting a bit down with autumn but looking at the harvest and processing the crops to store for the rest of the year. Even fallen leaves are useful.


Using Woodchips in Allotment & Garden

How best to use woodchips on a vegetable plot or allotment. Woodchips are a really useful resource but you need to use them properly for best effect.

Tomato Glut

Tomato Glut, Comfrey Cut & Time for Bed

Blight hits the outdoor tomatoes but we've a glut from the greenhouse crop. The comfrey bed is cut for the compost heap. Putting the raised beds to sleep.

Snow Norway Skigard Fencing

I thought I had it tough!

I moan about our weather but this market gardener has it really tough. She manages 2500 square metres, 600 metres above sea level with a 3 month season

Black Russian Sungold Tomatoes

Tomatoes Galore – 2018 Tomato Crop Results So Far

The tomato crop is still coming in but the results are fairly clear for 2018. This year I've grown 7 varieties; in the greenhouse, polytunnel and outdoors.

Carrots Swamped Chickweed

Sacrificial or stale seed beds

Sacrificial or stale beds are an old but effective method of getting seeds growing weed free. They're very simple and easy to do.

Optigrow seeds comparison

Better Germinating Seeds!

Fothergills introduce a primed seed range under the name Optigrow which offer better and faster seed germination and stronger seedlings.

September 2018

What to do now on your plot!

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