Yearly Archives: 2008

Happy New Year

A few reflections on 2008, a bit of a rant and best wishes for 2009

NVS AGM & Credit Crunch Christmas

Our local NVS association meeting, Grannie Annie, TV star and the credit crunch.

Escape to the Plot

Managed to get to the plot to put the winter blanket on the globe artichokes, despite stopping for cat rescue.

Chicken Keeping 100 Years Ago

Some interesting reading on keeping chickens 100 years ago

Christmas is Coming!

A busy day at home, Christmas turkey arrives and the new cats in colour!

Back on the Plot!

Finally got back onto the plot and starting the winter jobs late.

Funny Old World!

Oh for some time! A freezer goes on the blink and NVS meeting.

Hard Frost – Yippee!

First hard frost of the year, borlotti beans and clubroot

Beans & a Silly!

Final bean harvest and clearing them with a daft accident.

Goodbye to a Friend

We lost our friend last Friday, little time for the plot.

Visitor from Down the Lane

A visitor from down the lane, container veg growing, making butter and more!

Hectic & A New Cat

Busy with all sorts of things, new kitten in the house and a bit of time on the plot.

Coping with the Credit Crunch

Some thoughts on the financial crisis and where it might lead.

Freezer Running Costs

Some more research into the costs of storing our produce in the freezers

Tomatoes, Carrots & Freezers

Dodging the rain to the greenhouse to sort the tomatoes and peppers. Researching freezer running costs.

Potato Blight & Clubroot

Not the best weekend, Sarpo potatoes affected by blight and slugs and now I've got clubroot as well.

Borlotti Beans & Freezers

Harvesting beans from the plot and a bit of confusion on running costs for a freezer

May 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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