Out With A Bang – Happy New Year!

I’ve heard of going out with a bang, but 2013 is taking it to ridiculous lengths! When the neighbours come round and ask if they can have their roof back, you know it’s been storming.

I don’t know for sure what wind speeds we’ve been suffering but not too far from here and down on the coast, Aberdaron had 109mph and not too far Capel Curig hit 87mph. We’re 600 feet up so it hits hard.

There’s something quite nice about lying warm in bed and pulling the duvet up as the wind howls down the chimney and the rain batters the window but a certain fear as well – will the roof hold? There’s no point in worrying about what’s happening out there, if the coldframe has turned into a UFO then so be it. Nothing you can do until it’s over.

We were pretty lucky, no major damage as far as I can see although our neighbours have had damage. There was a large fir tree up the track but that didn’t survive and it managed to take out the phone lines for them.

Christmas was wonderful – our first with our grandson. He didn’t seem too impressed with any of his presents but found the wrapping paper great fun and quite tasty! Poor mite has had a rotten cold and wasn’t on top form but I think he enjoyed it.

He’s over the cold now, we’ve got it! Since getting out into the garden is verging on madness when it’s horizontal rain and the idea of shopping in the sales hardly appeals, I’ve been updating the web site. The articles on bread making are up along with pastry making guides. I know you can go out and buy puff pastry but apart from paying through the nose, it’s always the same. When you hand make something, each one is different. Those little differences stop things from being boring if nothing else.

Then I added a series of articles on crop rotation and planning. If  I’m honest, I tend to try and work within a framework rather than plan in great detail. Goodness knows with the weather being so variable in recent years you have to be flexible.

Anyway, it’s New Year’s Eve so I’d like to wish everyone a really Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2014 brings us more positives than negatives and, please, a good summer.

I’m looking forward to having my cataract fixed on Thursday. No, that’s not right. I’m somewhat nervous (as in terrified) about having my eyeball cut into and a plastic lens inserted on Thursday but I’m looking forward to seeing clearly again.

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4 comments on “Out With A Bang – Happy New Year!
  1. Snowdrops says:

    Happy New Year to you & Val. Best wishes for thursday

  2. dabhand says:

    Happy New Year to you John & Val!

    Here’s hoping for a much better year all round this year,

    Thank you so much for your card, it was very thoughtful of you.

    Love and best wishes

    Dawn & Andy

  3. Richard in Norfolk says:

    John, it is Thursday as I write so a little late to calm your fears of the cataract operation. Had mine done a year or so ago and I can honestly say it is the most wonderful op you can have. After a few minutes, the surgeon will pop in the new lens and you will be able to see instantly! It is a miracle of modern surgery and skill; 11 minutes from leaving the waiting room to returning to it!

    The wind nearly got my polytunnel here in North Norfolk last week but thanks to good old gaffer tape we managed to save it hopefully until the spring when we will re-cover it.

    Best wishes for the new year, like reading your diaries.


    • John Harrison says:

      @Richard in Norfolk: Thanks Richard – the op is 2:30pm and I’ve been thinking about it last night… until 6am when I finally got to sleep 🙁

      Glad you saved your polytunnel – boy it’s just wave after wave of storm at the moment.

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