Allotment History in Photos & Writing Again

It’s been one of those weeks, again. For a start I’ve been burning the midnight oil getting things back on to the web site. Since we had to go offline with the original site (a long and sad story I’ll bore you with another time) I decided it was as well to turn a problem into an opportunity and update things as I went.

We’ve combined the old diary with the new – you might notice a few glitches, I’m working through them. I’ve still got the pre-2007 diary entries to get online as well. I can’t quite believe the web site is coming up to 10 years old.

Photo History of the Allotments

I’ve just got my photo history of the allotments online again from 2003 to 2010. Seven years on the plot. It brings back a lot of memories for us and I think people find it interesting, especially when comparing a month year against year.

Allotment Photo History

There’s a lot more to go back on to the site so I think I know what my work schedule is for December!

And furthermore, I’ve been doing all this whilst recovering from major surgery. Not that you’d know it for the sympathy I get at home. In the old days I’d probably have had a week in hospital and then recuperated for a month before returning to work but Val insists having a wart removed by the GP doesn’t get me a pass even if he did give me a local and put a plaster on.

Home Farmer Magazine

I’ve also started writing a column for Home Farmer magazine. Hopefully it will run for a year. A little like my monthly guides but rather than just covering what to do in a general sense I’m concentrating on a more in-depth approach to a few seasonal topics.

It’s a little odd writing for a magazine again, for a start there’s the lead time. Sitting in early November writing about January doesn’t feel quite right. However, to add to the fun, the January issue is published in December and will be in the shops in a couple of days. I’m rather proud to be associated with the magazine and thoroughly recommend it.

The next job is to write the February column. Now if anybody knows what the weather is going to be like next February, please let me know. We could be thinking spring has arrived in sunshine or sitting under a foot of snow.

Actually, my very next job is to send out my monthly newsletter. I remember when it was just going out to a few friends and now it goes out to 13,500 people! I always make the point that each issue has a link where you can unsubscribe without fuss. Nothing worse than clogging up email boxes with unwanted mail.

Outside the weather has been very on off. We’ve had a couple of nice, if cold, days though. Still, cold is easy to cope with, I just pop my skiing underwear on to start and a couple of layers over, a thinsulate hat and I’m fine to work. Doesn’t skiing wear sound better than thermals?

I was surprised at having to weed my leeks though. One bed was swamped with clover. Then I worked it out, I was going to leave that bed under a green manure and then changed my mind and planted leeks. I don’t remember sowing the clover but I must have. A real D’OH! Moment.

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Allotment Photo History

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