The Healing Hut & Once Upon A Flock

I hate to use the C word in October but already shops are moving into Christmas mode. At least they’re not playing Slade ..yet. Even the book world isn’t immune from the big C and I was sent a couple of books to review recently.

The Healing Hut by Neil Patrick

The first is a novel, The Healing Hut, by Neil Patrick. Apparently it’s his first novel but it feels like he’s been writing novels for years. It draws you in and the characters are utterly real. The author has grasped that it’s the little details that engage you and make the world real without too many which results in boredom.

The reason it was sent to me was that allotments and defending allotments forms one of the central themes of  the story. Now I must admit, it’s not my usual reading. I’m a sci-fi fan who likes to immerse himself in different universes but this succeeded in holding my attention from start to the really satisfying ending.

I did have one problem reading the book, Val picked it up when I was halfway through and I didn’t get it back for three days! So congratulations to Neil Patrick, we’re looking forward to your next novel.

Available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. The Healing Hut

Once Upon A Flock by Lauren Scheuer

The other book that arrived on our doorstep is one for the chicken fraternity. It’s not so much  a factual ‘how to’ as a description of life with hens. What really makes it stand out is that the author is also an illustrator and her drawings bring the book to life.

Now anyone who has kept a few hens knows they have their own personalities. I’ve had cockerels that were as soft as a brush and hens who would peck to draw blood, given the chance. The author shares her discovery of our feathered friends’ personalities, the joy of new hatchings and the inevitable sadness of losing a bird.

It’s a really enjoyable read, perfect to pick up and read chapter then put down until the mood takes you again. I think it will appeal more to the ladies but then again, I’m enjoying dipping in and out of it and I’m a bloke.

Available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.
Once Upon A Flock: Life with My Soulful Chickens

Illustration From Once Upon A Flock

Illustration From Once Upon A Flock

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