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Black Opal Tomato Seeds


Black Opal are one of our favourite tomatoes. Fantastic taste, brilliant in a salad with a unique tangy/sweet flavour. Good cropper, too – one plant can produce 140-200 fruits during the average growing season.

10 Seeds per Packet £1.25

Out of stock

Emerging as a top choice for home growers, this exceptionally sweet black cherry tomato even surpasses the sweetness of the well-known Sweet Aperitif variety.

Perfect for snack packs or lunch boxes, these cherry tomatoes outshine both Black Cherry and Chocolate Cherry in sweetness while maintaining high levels of anthocyanins and lycopene.

A small cherry tomato, with a dark brown skin and matching flesh often referred to as black tomato however the colour resembles that more of dark chocolate.

Indeterminate or Cordon variety – will need staking or stringing and side shooting.

There’s a lot of information on the site about growing tomatoes


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