Envii Maximato Tomato Feed & Allgrow Multi-Purpose Release

Envii, market leaders in biological and organic products for gardeners and horticulturalists, have just released two new organic products. Maximato Tomato Feed and Allgrow All Purpose Feed.

Envii Maximato Tomato Feed

Envii Maximato is their organic liquid tomato feed made from plants, for plants! With an NPK of 4-2-6, and added calcium, magnesium, and seaweed to promote healthy plants and increased crop yield. Maximato’s NPK formulation is designed to optimise crop growth. This makes it ideal to commence usage at the onset of flowering, prior to the fruiting phase.

Although Maximato is suitable for application on any crops, I would highly recommend its use for greenhouse-grown produce. This includes tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and aubergines. Another, more unknown, use for tomato feeds such as Maximato is to to provide your pot grown apple and pear trees with the necessary nutrients for robust and vigorous growth. During late spring to early summer, feed fortnightly to help sustain the tree’s optimal health and productivity

Calcium and Magnesium Deficiency in Tomato Plants

Tomato plants are prone to calcium and magnesium deficiencies, which can significantly impact their growth and the quality of the fruit they produce. I’ve written more about tomato plant deficiencies in my article Tomato Troubles & Diseases

Calcium deficiency in tomato plants often arises due to insufficient levels of calcium in the soil or fluctuations in soil moisture, such as irregular watering practices. Blossom end rot is a common indicator of calcium deficiency, along with symptoms like stunted growth and leaf tip burn.

Magnesium deficiency may occur due to naturally low magnesium levels in the soil or leaching of magnesium caused by heavy rainfall. Magnesium plays a crucial role in plant physiology as it is necessary for the formation of chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for harnessing solar energy in plants. Chlorophyll facilitates photosynthesis, allowing plants to convert various chemicals absorbed through the roots into starches, sugars, and other vital compounds. Common signs of magnesium deficiency include yellowing leaves, leaf curling, wilting, and a decrease in fruit size and quality.

Correcting Deficiencies with Maximato Tomato Feed

Many readers email me a looking for an all-in-one solution for tomato crop problems. Maximato is that product. Maximato is formulated with sufficient levels of calcium and magnesium. This reduces the risk of your plants experiencing these deficiencies. By incorporating Maximato into your plant care routine, you can ensure that your tomato plants receive the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and robust fruit production.

The NPK ratio in Maximato has been formulated to promote crop growth so start using it when the plants begin flowering, before the fruiting stage. For more on NPK see my article What Are NPK – Basic Components of Fertiliser Explained.

Maximato is certified organic and vegan-friendly containing natural ingredients and is safe for children, pets and all wildlife. It is safe for greenhouse crops with a high potassium level to encourage crop development. Maximato contains added calcium, magnesium and seaweed. Learn more about the benefits of seaweed fertilisers.

Envii Allgrow Multi-Purpose Feed

The second new release Envii have is their Envii Allgrow formulation. This is an organic multi-purpose liquid plant feed for use on all plants around the home and garden. An NPK of 6-2-4 promotes lush growth and crop development in all plants.

Allgrow offers benefits that extend beyond just what meets the eye. In addition to promoting lusher and greener foliage, users of this feed can expect a noticeable enhancement in both the size and yield of crops and flowers. Beneath the surface, plants treated with Allgrow will develop robust root systems, resulting in increased resilience against diseases.

The Benefits of Using a Multi-Purpose Feed

Plants require specific micronutrients to thrive, and incorporating compost at the beginning of the growing season is an excellent way to kickstart their growth. However, the micronutrient content in compost can diminish rapidly over time, necessitating the introduction of a supplemental feed to prevent plant deficiencies. Envii Allgrow features a balanced blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) with a ratio of 6-2-4.

Nitrogen (N) – vital for leaf and stem growth, contributing to overall plant vigor and green coloration. With 6% nitrogen, Allgrow promotes robust foliage development.

Phosphorus (P) – plays a key role in root, flower, seed, and fruit development, as well as energy transfer within the plant. At 2% phosphorus, Allgrow supports the establishment of strong root systems and facilitates flowering and fruiting.

Potassium (K) – contributes to overall plant health by regulating various physiological processes, including water and nutrient movement within plant tissues and enhancing resistance to stress from disease and cold temperatures. With 4% potassium, Allgrow enhances plant vigor and resilience.

Envii Allgrow is also certified organic and vegan-friendly containing natural ingredients and is safe for children, pets and all wildlife. It will increase crop yield, improve plant health, and is an affordable option since a one-litre bottle of Allgrow makes 330 litres of feed.

I’ve worked with Envii for a number of years now and they have a wonderful range and these two new products are fantastic additions to the feed market. I only ever partner with companies whose products I use myself; so if I promote it you can trust that I believe in it!

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For more information or to buy –  Visit Envii


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