Competition Entries & Results

Barry Marshall

Photo: Barry Marshall

We ran a fun competition last week. It even had a prize as Harrod Horticulture put up a £50.00 voucher for the winner.

I was looking for two things – a picture of their plot and a little bit about why they grow their own. I can give you lots of reasons for growing your own and the importance of allotments but in the end it comes down to why people actually do it.

Congratulations to the winner, Carl Goss and thanks to the runners up and everyone who entered.

Runners Up

  • Kinda Barratt
  • Gloria Lamb
  • Steven Coles
  • Valerie Davidson
  • Fiona Gray
  • Andy Keeley
  • Kevin Samways
  • Barry Marshall
  • Gloria Lamb

Sadly some of the entrants sent photos that couldn’t be used. Some were too small, perhaps they look OK on a phone but they didn’t work on the bigger screen. Some were not really relevant and one cheeky person sent a photo they had copied off this site! But thanks for having a go all the same (except the last one!)

The winner and the runners up are now published on the site here: Grow Your Own Competition There are some really excellent plots out there that put mine to shame!

It was really tough picking the winner. The top entries were all so good that choosing between them was almost impossible. Some of the reasons people gave for growing their own and allotmenting were illuminating.

For example, Barry Marshall told me that:

all during the summer I have been in and out of hospital , my friends rallied round and looked after the plot all this year from July without being asked. This is when you find out who your friends are.

Gloria Lamb from Brentwood explained that her plot was

…my little piece of heaven! It gives me respite from all the stresses of normal life. I get exercise, fresh air, time to listen to the birds and produce that I know everything about.

And what Fiona Gray from Kilmarnock has managed in her first year allotmenting is awesome. Not a word I use often, but it fits! She told me:

This is my first year in allotments and I have had a great experience learning what to grow and how everyone is keen to give their knowledge.

I hope you enjoy the entries as much as I did – you can find them all here: Competition Entries.

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