Things take longer with the new raised bed

Things always take longer than the plan and today was no different. My plan was to get the wood cut for the deep raised bed on plot 5, weed and prepare the area for it and perhaps get it constructed and ready to fill with compost tomorrow.

Before I left for the plot I had to cart the potatoes in sacks that I’d left in the car overnight through the house, up the garden and into the shed. Doesn’t sound much? Well six full sacks of spuds weigh a ton, especially by the last one. So a quick cup of tea and made myself a flask of coffee for the afternoon before I headed off.

The weatherman had indicated that today would be better than yesterday, which was really lovely, so I was a bit disappointed with it being cloudy and overcast. At least it didn’t rain even if it wasn’t sunny.

When I had my skip diving success I’d got a load of wood and it was now time to get the nails and screws out of it and cut it into lengths to make corners etc. Since the pressure of the soil is to the outside with the raised beds, the plan is to have a piece in the corner to fix the sides to and then posts on the outside to stop it from breaking apart over time as one of the raised beds on plot 29 is.

That meant 4 internal corners, 8 external posts and two posts for where the sides are jointed. Bit of back and forth to home to get screwdrivers and so forth and eventually all the nails and screws were out and lengths were cut to size with my trusty bow saw. I’m really fortunate to have an allotment just around the corner and two minutes walk away.

Well by the time I’d done this and put the world to rights with a couple of other plotholders it was half past four. I’d given the planks that will form the sides of my raised bed a couple of coats of creosote but they’re going to be in contact with the ground so a coat of Cuprinol wood preservative on them and on all the posts

By now it was getting past six o’clock so I knew there was little point in starting weeding and decided to give my wooden bench and table a coat of Cuprinol as well.

The wooden bench seat was a gift from another plotholder back in May 2004 and it was looking a bit weathered so I thought another dose of preservative would not go amiss.

By now the light was fading fast and so headed home around seven. The only thing about Cuprinol is that it leaves a taste in the mouth and gives me a headache using it. Even outdoors you can’t avoid breathing in some of the fumes. Still it’s not something you have to do each year and with these beds it’s only a one off.

I’ve one 9′ plank left as well as various lengths of 3×2 etc so I’ll be doing some repairs on plot 29 at some point,

Have to see how the weather is this week and try to catch up. Less chatting on the plot would help!


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