Carrying on the Potato Harvest

Work and Weather Interrupt Play

Despite the weatherman’s insistence that we had a bright sunny day, apparently Nantwich is in an alternate universe and here it drizzled and threatened heavy rain all day.

This wasn”t too bad as I had a computer to fix for a pal. I really think people would benefit from basic lessons on using their computer. Little things like installing anti-virus software and keeping it up to date.

So, thinking Sunday would be as promised, arose to see more drizzle.

We went out and did a tour of local shops and garden centres, looking primarily for Japanese autumn onion sets. Could not find any, which may indicate we?re too early.

We did find some Pyracantha in a local garden centre and got 3 plants for ?11.00. Unfortunately he didn?t take plastic and we had no cash. Amazingly he said to drop the money in when we were passing. What a nice chap.

The Pyracantha will form part of our anti-vandal defence on the site, my plans for man-traps and minefields having been rejected. Plus they are attractive and have berries for the birds in autumn.

I’m earning a little money from the adverts on this site, which covers the hosting costs etc. There is a little profit as well and it seems fair to invest this in the allotment site. Seems to me that we should ask not what our allotment can do for us but what we can do for our allotment (end JFK mode!). As for the vandals, we will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them (OK you get it, I’ll shut up)

Dropped the plants off with Lawrence the rep and off to the cash machine, thence to the nursery and then dropped off the mended PC and installed printer etc.

Finally down to the plot around 5.30pm where I took a couple of photographs for the site.

Potato Harvest

Being on my own on the site with no interruptions, got on with clearing and piling the potato haulm First impression is that the Valor may have performed better than the Sarpo Mira but  until the plants are dug I can not tell for sure.

Being as the weather is damp, which is loved by those beasts from the dark side of the force, slugs, I scattered some pellets to stop them eating the potatoes until I can get them up.

Being as it had gone dark and working by torchlight might get me talked about, went home.

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