National Vegetable Society Proposed District Association

Brief visit and good news.

I dropped onto the site to put a notice up about the National Vegetable Society. The proposal is we start a local branch. The cost is ?11.00 pa and we can get 12 speakers / meetings a year.

It sounds a good deal to me even if they are a bit show and chemical orientated.

After sounding preachy about chemicals, I scattered a few slug pellets around the tomatoes. After the recent rain there seems to be a plague of the beasties and they all want to eat my tomatoes.

Good News

My cat had an operation and is doing well. He’s 16, which is a good age for a cat, so it was not without risk.

Just to explain, he developed a heart problem some time back and then got a virus. Was touch and go but the vet pulled him through. Unfortunately he lost quite a bit of weight – wasn’t so much fat as beefy – if you know what I mean.

Behind a cat’s eye is a pad of fat and this had shrunk which caused his eyes to sink back and the lower eyelids had turned in. Much problem with continual irritation and we tried to solve by manipulation but this got too painful for him and he started to develop a corneal ulcer.

The vet said that he was in pain most of the time and would, despite our efforts eventually go blind. The risk was significant in the operation because of his age and condition – about 1 in 20 he would not wake up.

Well, not really much of a choice in the end.

The operation is the same as plastic surgeons use to remove bags under the eyes. A small crescent is removed from the eyelid and then stiched. This pulls the eyelid back from the eye.

Anyway, as I write this on Saturday, he is looking well – complaining and frisky.


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