Merry Tiller Problem

Merry Tiller Troubles

Decided to rotovate some of plot 29 and plant some field beans as a grren manure. So manouvered the Merry Tiller out of the shed, put the outer tines on, which I take off to save space when I store it, and started it up.

First pull and away he went. I am sure its a he and the Mantis tiller is a she. About three quarters through and with a backfire he stopped. Out of petrol so get the can only to find I’m nearly out.

Off to Sainsbury’s who sell four star and fill the can. On the way back down the A530, which runs from Nantwich to Middlewich, I need to turn right into the lane for the allotments. Having checked for oncoming traffic, I commence the turn only for a motor bike to appear doing 100 mph (OK – I don’t know but it was a heck of a lick).

I slammed the brakes on and he zoomed on. There have been 7 deaths on this road but they say they can’t put speed cameras on it. They are considering traffic lights. I don’t want to get ‘political’ on here but it is crazy. Broad daylight, good condition, driving carefully and still nearly an accident that would have killed the cyclist at least.

Anyway, back to the plot, fill the tank and half an hour of pulling the cord to no avail. Jiggled some little bar on the motor (I’m no mechanic, by the way) and away he went. Went round the patch a few times and then realised it was nearly 7 pm and the sun was setting fast.

Sowing the field beans remains on the ‘to do’ list along with tidy up the shed and dig in the green manure on plot 5.

Took a few tomatoes back, which along with some more that had ripened at home were converted into tomato sauce for the freezer.

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