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Sowing Plan for February 2018

This year I’m trying to be organised and ahead of the game rather than playing catch-up all year. To that end I’ve sorted out my seeds, listed them down and bought just what I need rather than finding I’ve duplicated seeds I’ve got or getting 23 varieties of cauliflower. There is a limit to how much cauliflower anyone can eat.

Planning CalendarThe next task was to list down when to sow the seeds, repeating as necessary for the crops requiring successional sowings. All this was done on a spreadsheet. I’ve copied February below.

Now plans rarely survive contact with reality but since all of this month’s sowing is indoors (I’m counting the polytunnel as indoors) I’ve a good chance of things going to plan. There’s a bit of flexibility in the plan, so if we suddenly find ourselves in arctic conditions things can get put back.

It’s still pretty early in the year but I’ve got growlights so I think I can get away with it. The only worry is the weather, if it gets really cold as it often does, I’ll have to use a little heat for some of the crops I’m planning on starting in the greenhouse to get reasonable germination.

Sowing Plan for February 2018

Wk 6 – 4th February

  • Aubergine Black Beauty – Sow in Propagator in modules
  • Chilli Cayenne – Sow in Propagator in modules
  • Pepper Jumbo – Sow in Propagator in modules
  • Pepper Mohawk– Sow in Propagator in modules
  • Pepper Redskin – Sow in Propagator in modules
  • Beans Broad Aquadulce – Sow in pots in Greenhouse
  • Chard Rhubarb – Sow in modules in Greenhouse
  • Chard Rainbow – Sow in modules in Greenhouse
  • Onion Aisla Craig – Sow in modules in Greenhouse
  • Onion Bedfordshire Champion – Sow in modules in Greenhouse
  • Parsnip Gladiator – Sow in paper pots in Greenhouse
  • Cabbage Hispi – Sow in modules in Greenhouse

Wk 7 – 11th February

  • Potato Arran Pilot – Direct in Polytunnel
  • Potato Home Guard – Direct in Polytunnel
  • Onion Long Red of Florence – Sow in modules in Greenhouse

Wk 8 – 18th February

  • Tomato Ailsa Craig – Sow in Propagator in modules
  • Tomato Black Russian – Sow in Propagator in modules
  • Cabbage Gunma – Sow in modules in Greenhouse
  • Cabbage Romanov Red – Sow in modules in Greenhouse
  • Carrot Early Nantes Pelleted – Direct in Polytunnel

Wk 9 – 25th February

  • Radish French Breakfast – Direct in Polytunnel
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10 comments on “Sowing Plan for February 2018
  1. Meg says:

    After having so many duplicate seeds, I decided to make a spreadsheet. I have variety, sowing time expected germination and PH required. It took a little time and thought to begin with but I have found it so useful.


    • John Harrison says:

      It does make life easier to have control and know what you should be doing. I also used a spreadsheet but it’s easy enough to do with pen and paper.

      • MR PETER MALIN says:

        Hello John,
        I have just read your seed sowing plan for February 2018 and I thought I would tell you how I do it. I use the Google calendar. I first created a calendar called ” Garden Data ” and gave it a green ID flag. ( You can create any number of calendars and give them a colour code ie “Birthdays” “Appointments”) If you click on the red plus icon at the bottom right hand corner a form appears into which you then enter your sowing date,variety and repeat dates for anything from a day to weeks,months years etc which is useful for succesional sowings. The calendar will show all your data again the following year and so no repeat typing in every year but you can alter dates or info if you like. You also can get notification of an upcoming event in the form of a pop up or as in my case an email. Each morning I switch my computer on and go to my email account and find a message from calendar about a sowing or planting event.This email can show again every couple of weeks or months etc for repeat sowings. I have enjoyed your books and video’s and hope you find the above useful, Regards Peter Malin

  2. Martyn Curtler says:

    Really impressed, looking forward to the March plan.

  3. kenneth white says:

    Hope you enjoy the Home Guard potato,grew them many years ago,I think I recall them as being very round and very white,flavour ok but not as good as charlotte [what is] in my view, or taste buds.
    Sowing plan ,most helpful ,thankyou.
    I started a 4 year rotation plan last year with each sections seeds in a shoe box ,so solanaceae next in plot 1 in 2021.Rotation plan vaguely followed in previous years,but with good results last year,trying now to be strict,wonder how long that will Last!

  4. Martin Tooley says:

    Hello John,

    Took your advice a year ago & planted kale from seed- for the first time. Delighted to say we’ve had good crops right through the winter…..on the menu again for tonight’s dinner!

    Thanks, Martin

  5. Ann Spalding says:

    PARSNIPS: just to say that for several years now I have successfully started my parsnips off in toilet roll inner tubes and have had no problems with the root forking. I watch them carefully and when I spot that the root has grown to the foot of the tube I plant them out, tube and all, into the ground outside, in a slight indentation, which makes watering easier if there is a dry spell.

  6. melanie says:

    great tip or the parsnips, finally get chance to use them.
    might have a look at that calendar too, I could do with a nudge sometimes

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