Fertilisers & Manures

We attended a lecture at the local National Vegetable Society recently on fertilizers which was fascinating. I thought about it afterwards and how I see new growers who have no idea about  plant nutrition. Well the lecture inspired me to put some articles onto the site about fertilisers.

When I was writing my book (shameless plug alert!) I found myself over running the original estimate and having to leave things out that I wanted to put in. Well, I’d got the research done and notes made so here is the untrimmed version!

Fertiliser & Manures

This covers the basics, NPK values of  various manures, fertilisers and so on along with nitrogen requirements of various crops.

Because many readers will not know what N-P-K is and what  they do I have an article explaining that – What the NPK means in Plant Fertiliser .  A detailed discussion about farmyard manures and a link to my article on gowing comfrey which covers how to make comfrey liquid fertiliser.

I’ve covered the organic or natural fertilisers and the artificial or inorganic fertilisers  and Trace Elements in Plant Nutrition

Finally I’ve popped some fertilizer tips on – I wrote this a while back for another web web site.


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2 comments on “Fertilisers & Manures
  1. susanne says:

    This doesn’t seem to have anything about green manures – winter tares, red clover or green mustard leaves – just a comment, no pressure!

  2. John says:

    That’s a very valid point.. there will be an article on green manures and some serious articles on making compost soon.
    The lovely thing with the web is I can add as I go –
    I have covered them in the book, you’ll be glad to know (shameless plug!)

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