Slow progress with the compost bin

Not made a lot of progress with the compost heap construction. Popped down to the plot on Thursday taking the old shed door from next door’s shed. I’d taken the old hinges off, which was quite a job as the bolts were rusted solid. It’s going to form the centre panel of the heap.

Having got it to the plot, I realised it was colder than I’d thought so added yet another layer when I went back home to get my battery jigsaw. Larry was on the site so we had a bit of a chat before I cut the old shed roof into two pieces for the outer sides of the bin.

The sun was dropping down below the trees and even with an extra layer I was feeling chilled so back home around 4pm.

Friday was, according to the weatherman on the radio, bright sunshine. Well here it was actually a dull day, if a little warmer than yesterday. I wanted some extra wood for the compost heap and I’d spotted some next door so I went round to separate it from the other bits of wood it was joined to. Within 5 minutes I’d managed to get a nail into my finger. I know my tetanus is up to date, so I wasn’t too bothered especially as it poured with blood, which flushed any rusty bits out. So back in for the first aid kit then around to the plot with yet more scrap wood.

Got onto the site and decided it was a bit late to make a proper start so shifted the planks for the deep beds and sawed down a large piece of wood, the ends had 6″ nails sticking out and sawing off the ends is the easiest answer.

Lee came past, breaking my solitude so I took a stroll up to his plot at the top and gassed at him for bit until it was going pretty dark. He’s busy setting up a greenhouse and is, sensibly, digging out for the internal path and side beds before putting the glass in.

His plot is completely raised deep beds, filled with the bulk compost we get. His crops all look very well on it and he has quite a variety as well. He’d been reading my comments on Jerusalem artichokes and asked if he could try some as they’ve been thinking of growing them so I showed him where the remaining plants are told him to help himself to as many as he wants.

Got back in and mentioned to Val that I intended to get down to the plot fairly early tomorrow since rain is due on Sunday and get the heap assembled. She reminded me that we’ve an exciting day booked watching my young nieces in a dance recital. Perhaps it won’t rain on Sunday and pigs might fly.


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