Vegetable Seed Shortage?

According to Suttons the seed merchants, there are reports circulating in the trade that indicate that there may be a shortage of vegetable seeds for next spring.

The extreme weather both here in the UK and across northern Europe has been regarded as the main culprit in this instance. In northern Europe the problem has been the high rainfall whilst anything south of Paris has been hit by hot drought conditions.

Although we growers have been very aware of the effects of the unusual weather on crop production, it’s easy to forget that this has an effect on next year’s seed production.

Seeds including carrots, spinach, cabbage, peas and beans have been reported as being particularly subject to problems

Marketing manager Tom Sharples, speaking for Suttons, states that “they are monitoring the situation carefully but see no immediate cause for concern.”

Thompson and Morgan aren’t reporting any particular shortages at this stage either.

I doubt that there is likely to be a major seed shortage this coming year, but the long term effects could be serious if the next season’s weather is as bad.

A list of vegetable seeds, sorted by variety, is available on the site if you want to get your order in early.

Vegetable Seeds

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