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Greenhouse Problems and Mantis Tiller to Work

Greenhouse Troubles part 93

Managed to get the second strut off Tony H’s greenhouse with the help of Pete and his bolster chisel – the nut was rusted solid.

Took the back strut off my greenhouse and fixed another piece of wood on to hold it, much sticking in of support posts as well as praying no strong winds for a while.

Back to the ranch where I got the workbench out and began sawing the twisted bits off the ends when the curse of the greenhouse struck again. The hacksaw broke. Not the blade, the actual saw. So off to the DIY where a whole ?1.99 was spent and back to the ranch.

Realised that the new bits don”t have a channel to hold nuts so may need to drill some holes on site to fix the uprights too. I have an ‘L? shaped stretcher bar from an old house to use as the joining bar and thought the best way to fix it to the parts was glue so back to the DIY for some “Serious Stuff?, a glue that will stick metal to metal.

Having got it glued and cramped together it was back round to the plot.

Mantis to Work

I ran over the bed on plot 29 where the sweetcorn is going with the Mantis to mix in the compost that was lying on the surface and then over to plot 5 to run over the small bed where the last of the onions are going. Then it started to rain so decided the gods were against me and returned home

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