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In the Potting Shed Moving Plants Along

In the Potting Shed

I’ve been suffering a rotten cold for the last few days – coughing for Britain and stuffed sinus with headaches to boot. So, not feeling the best I thought I”d stick in the warm but the plants were crying for lack of space and a potting session was called for.

I bought some pots that used to hold cut flowers from Morrison?s supermarket for 99p for eight, which is an excellent price for a nine inch plant pot and these had no holes in the base so out with the trusty drill and an 18mm bit. Discovered that they are a little brittle and split a bit if I didn?t go slowly with the drill. Still, they are all usable so no harm done.


First task was to pot on the brassicas in modules in the cold frame. When I lifted the seed trays out there must have been a dozen snails in there. I don?t scatter slug pellets everywhere; we?ve got three cats that might eat them for starters. Secondly, they not only kill the slugs and snails but also kill the beneficial creatures that eat them, which can make there use counter-productive. In the enclosed space of a coldframe, I have none of these concerns, however, so scatter away.

Anyway, up to the shed where the surviving seedlings got moved on to three inch pots in my compost with a lime dusting medium. Purple cauliflower, Romanesco and calabrese Chevalier got moved along. In the growhouse there are some Autumn Calabrese still in modules but these are quite small and look a little sickly for some reason. I will see if these make it but I have no idea what is wrong so no idea of what to do to cure the problem.

Squashes, marrows and cucumbers

All of these were pushing roots out of their pot, so moved them on into ordinary compost. I suppose they could go out into the ground now but I don?t know when the weather is going to be right so I?m just holding them in a larger pot. It will not do any harm; indeed they will be better plants, as compost is better than soil.


Next to move the tomatoes on. I?ve been really derelict in my duty with these,  They should have been potted up about two weeks ago.

Although they are destined for outside, bringing the plum Roma on in the greenhouse means I will get a steal on the season. When I do plant them out, I want to try the glass barn cloches I picked up from the Resurgence market garden. They are a bit complicated to assemble so I hope I can remember the knack when it comes to it.

The Sungold are doing really well as usual, excellent variety. The pots were absolutely bursting so they should spring up again now they are in bigger pots.

Ailsa Craig are a tomato variety I have never grown before but I must say they seem to be a very vigorous variety. I?ve heard the taste is good, which has to be the most important factor.

All get planted deep, so the plant puts out more root growth to support the demands the season makes.


The peppers are ready to go on as well but the time was moving on and the skies opened, pouring down, so they will have wait a day or two.


I took the radio into the potting shed and I always have radio 4 on. The news programs keep talking about drought orders and the lack of water as I look out on a deluge from the sky. It is quite surreal really. If you came from abroad and took your view of the UK from the news you would think that it consists of the south east and another little bit.

Maybe there will be an exodus from London to the north and west. Begging for a bottle of water to take home to the desert lands of London!

Cold Cure

That was it, off with sodden shoes and socks and settle down with a comforting Lemsip and Scotch. It may not cure the cold, but it makes me feel better.

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