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Super Cloche and Fettling the Greenhouse


Super Tent Cloche

My father-in-law, Ron,  is staying with us for a couple of days and we brought him over via Bridgemere garden centre. Well, they call it a garden centre but it’s more like the biggest tourist shop ever with some gardening stuff tacked on. That”s a bit of an exaggeration but it is getting that way.

Anyway, one of the other plotholders has these large cloche affairs, they look like a two-man tent, that he bought from Bridgemere for ?20.00 odd each. So I kept my eye open and they still had them. Bridgemere is not exactly a pound shop but this was a real bargain. I resisted the urge for two. Now to justify the purchase to the boss!


Plot Inspection

Ron used to have an allotment some years back and his garden is well tended to say the least. He?s the one in the family we go to with a gardening question so with much trepidation I took a stroll around to the site with him this morning. 

We didn?t stay too long as he?s not too steady on his feet and slipped over on plot 5 but I managed to catch him before he ended up in the mud. It doesn?t seem that long ago that he was showing me how to dig properly.

Allotment Aluminium Fabrication

Back home it was time to finish fettling (I love that word, fettle. Some time back I fancied calling my company Ye Olde Traditional Web Fettlers but back to the day) the missing part for the greenhouse. Much work with the hacksaw and drilling of holes later I think it as near as it is going to get to the original.

Potting on Peppers

The peppers and aubergines got moved up into large pots. Their roots were threatening to burst from the 3? pots so definitely overdue.

Report on the Cauliflowers

Oh Dear! Had a response from my National Vegetable Society friend and apparently it is a really bad thing that they?re forming curds already. Probably it?s due to not being cramped in the pot and not planted soon enough, which was down to the weather. Some of the plants that did get planted are looking very poorly, which I think is down to them drowning. The good news is that it is not too late to start some more off.

Runner Beans

When I got back around to the plot it was still quite busy on the site, seems like everyone is trying to catch up. Since we were eating early, had to get back for six o?clock, which gave me an hour down there so I erected two bamboo pole teepees for the runner beans and planted up around them. One has Polestar and the other Streamline. Both are string less and productive so they should provide more than enough for us.

The climbing French beans are still in the coldframe as they aren?t quite as far along.

I didn?t get the new super cloche built up but when I do I?ll post a photograph.

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