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Parsnips, Carrots and Salsify plus One of Those Days

One of Those Days

Last night was a bit disturbed as the cat decided to be sick at 5am and the day got worse with my computer deciding to turn itself off in the middle of some work and the program going wrong for no reason I could work out. So around to the plot for some relief around 5pm

Well it got worse when I got round there. The runner beans appear to have died – we didn’t have a frost but it was quite cold and they are a disaster zone. More of the cauliflowers have decided to give me golf ball sized curds rather than wait and present some proper heads and a couple of onions have died for no reason I can see either.

Not exactly what I wanted to see.


Over to plot 29 and weeded a few beds. I find weeding very therapeutic. Looked at the greenhouse and decided today was not the day to touch anything mechanical,

Parsnips, Carrots and Salsify

The small deep bed where I tried Japanese vegetables last year has had sand added and one row of each went in. Quality is the aim, even if it isn”t the result.

The carrots were the purple ‘Healthmaster? so should be interesting. Only a month or two behind sowing the parsnips but everything seems so behind anyway.


Cut the small comfrey patch for the compost heap. At least I make good compost.


Back over on plot 5, the potatoes are looking really well. It can?t all be doom and gloom. Ran the Mantis between the rows to loosen the soil for earthing up.


Back to plot 29 where I planted two Plum Roma through the weed suppressant mat. Decided they would benefit from cloching. I have some large glass cloches I picked up via freecycle and they would be ideal. Putting them up is a bit tricky. Metal support bars and they sort of clip together. When I got them back in February I put one together on the plot just to check I could but I?ve forgotten how I did it.

Put a plastic cloche over the tomatoes and decided  it was time to go home before something else went wrong!

Tomorrow is another day.

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