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Missing Part Stops Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse Disaster

With more glorious sunshine, it was down to the plot this afternoon to get on with the greenhouse.

After trying to do two handed jobs on my own, I thought I’d prepare the sweetcorn bed instead and got the Mantis out to mix in the compost on the surface. We”ve also had some limestone delivered to firm up some of the paths on the site, so I pinched a few spadefulls, which I put into the holes around the base posts.

Larry arrived and we started to move on with the construction. Got the sides up and connected to the back, which turned out to be a three-person job but luckily Tony M turned up so all went well.

Next was the front and this is where disaster struck. The missing bracket that I made one of yesterday was probably attached to the main apex strut that is also missing.

Having realised we could go no further, we screwed a piece of wood to hold things stable and gave up for the day.

I returned home and we went off to see the chap Val bought the greenhouse from six months ago. My hope was that the piece had been left behind and he had saved it. Unfortunately he had saved a tin of nuts and bolts but we hadn?t left the strut behind there.

Back to the plot where we had another search but no joy. Goodness knows where it went – someone must have had it as it would be too heavy to blow away. My only hope now is to try and make another one by joining two smaller ones off Tony H?s scrap greenhouse together.

Came back thoroughly demoralised although we did have some nice lettuce and spring onions off the plot with our tea,

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