Tools & Stuff

Things to make life easier for the gardener and grower. I’m picking out products I think are genuinely useful and offer reasonable value.

Envii Release Root Well Organic Plant Root Stimulant

Envii release a new product - Root Well. A blend of mycorrhizal fungi inoculant and bacteria to super charge plant growth.

Soil Sifter

Sieved Compost

Trying out a new soil sifter, planting willows and a rose. Some thoughts on decorative borders.

Modern Garden Machinery

A bit of a rant about 40 years of progress giving us garden machinery that just isn't reliable

Greenhouse of the Future

It strikes me that ideally a greenhouse should provide year round growing conditions without a high running cost for heating. So I was rather happy to receive a DVD and e-books entitled The Greenhouse of the Future.

Two Good Ideas

Recycling plastic pots and recycling kitchen waste. A couple of new approaches to solve old problems

The Right Tool for the Job

With the right tool, jobs are far easier than struggling along with the wrong tool.

New Blight Resistant Potato Kifli

Thompson and Morgan announce the availability of a new variant on the Sarpo range of blight resistant potatoes.

Storing Your Home Grown Crops

Our new book How to Store Your Home Grown Produce is now available.

Permaculture – The Earth Care Manual

Reviewing a book on Permaculture - The Earth Care Manual by Patrick Whitefield

Congratulations to Marshalls

Marshalls Seeds have managed to bag a gold medal at the Hampton Court Show which runs until Sunday 11th July

Construction Worker with finished Wonderwall

Protecting Brassicas from Birds & Butterflies

Weeding, watering and building a large netting cloche to protect the brassicas from birds and butterflies

New Apple Redlove Available from Suttons

A new apple with red coloured flesh has been launched onto the British market by Suttons.

John Harrison and Mantis 4 Stroke Tiller

New Mantis Tiller

I've had a new 4 stroke Mantis tiller. Here's my report on it in comparison to the old 2 stroke Mantis tiller. I can sum it up as, still brilliant and even better.

Grow Your Own Saffron

Did you know you can grow your own saffron? It's quite possible even in Britain

Book Reviews – Gardening Club & Smallholders Manual

A couple of books that I think are well worth reading but for very different reasons. One for pleasure, the other practical.

Alternative Energy on Allotments

Most allotment sites don't have mains power connected but that doesn't mean that you can't have some electricity on site

May 2024

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