Tools & Stuff

Things to make life easier for the gardener and grower. I’m picking out products I think are genuinely useful and offer reasonable value.

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Allotment Shop Seed Suppliers Win Best Buy

In the allotment shop we’ve got a comprehensive seed section where you can easily find and compare seed varieties from Suttons, Dobie and Thompson & Morgan. The site sponsors were accepted as I had bought from them in the past

Keeping Bees & Keeping Ducks

Two fantastic books reviewed - keeping ducks and geese and keeping bees.

Choosing & Keeping Chickens

Review of fantastic book for new and experienced chicken keepers.

Vitopod Propagator

Electric Heated Plant Propagator – Vitopod

My slightly late birthday treat - the mother of all electric heated plant propagators. The Vitopod in the home greenhouse.

Vegetable Seed Shortage?

Trade rumours about possible seed shortage due to bad weather this summer.

Seed Germination Rates

Next time you sow something and nothing appears it might not be poor compost or slugs eating the seedlings, it could be the quality of the seeds.

Save Money & Save Energy

New low energy lightbulbs mean you have no excuse. Go on, help save the planet and save some money while you do it.

More Garden Tools from my Shed

What tools beyond the essential I find useful in my shed. Some are a luxury but some I would not be without.

Essential Tools for the Vegetable Grower

There are lots of tools that you can buy to garden with but these are the six essential tools that every gardener really needs.

Controlling Red Spider Mite Biologically

You can completely eradicate red spidermites from a greenhouse using a natural predator. Organic and safe as well as effective and easy to use.

Controlling Slugs with Nemaslug Nematodes

Nemaslug nematodes biological slug control offers an environmentally friendly method of killing the gardener's worst enemy.

Controlling Whitefly with Parasitic Wasps Encarsia Formosa

Controlling whitefly biologically is not just environmentally friendly but is also more effective in a greenhouse situation.

Biological Slug, Snail & Pest Controls

With many pests, especially that evil creature the slug, biological controls are more effective than old fashioned chemical controls. Biological controls are again available from the allotment shop.

Keeping Turkeys on a Small Scale

Katie Thear has been writing about poultry and animal husbandry for many years and is an acknowledged expert in the field. The latest book in her ‘Starting With’ series is Starting with Turkeys. Well illustrated and with full colour photographs,

Topsy Turvey Tomatoes Planter

This is something I've never seen before, an upside down tomato planter that is said to increase yields and bring the crop on two weeks faster than conventional methods.

Beehive Decorative Compost Bin

Harrods Horticultural are offering a decorative beehive shaped compost bin that will grace the finest garden along with a useful kitchen caddy that has a carbon filter to keep unpleasant smells out of the kitchen.

Worm Composting Wormery

This worm composter will enable you to turn your kitchen waste into one of natures best natural organic fertilisers.

BBQs and a Gas Cooker for the Shed

Busy Outdoors launch their online shop offering everything from Tents to Towing equipment. It's offering some great bargains on BBQs and a portable gas cooker, ideal for the posh allotment shed.

March 2023

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