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Moving Compost and Ebay

Moving yet more compost and a new toy to play with, coming soon

Back Strained and Cars on the Plot

I've really overdone it this time and discover some plotholders would be better off with a drive-thru,

Moving Compost

Moving compost and some disappointing behaviour by some fellow plot holders

delivering compost

Bulk Buying Compost and Rain on the Plot

A wet day on the plot and how to buy your compost in bulk for about a tenth of the price of buying bags in the garden centre. Get your compost here!

Compost Delivery Gets Stuck in the Mud

7 tonne lots of compost start arriving but the lorry gets stuck, which made for an interesting afternoon to say the least.

Layer Cake Compost Heap

Rebuilding compost heaps, pumpkin hiding place revealed and potato sorting.

Converting Garden Waste into Useful Compost

Quick delivery trip to the compost bins converting garden waste to something useful and harvesting the last of the sweetcorn

Mystery of the Compost Bin

Another beautiful day but this ended with a mystery! Where has my compost bin gone to.

Compost Heap Construction

Compost heap construction and Ben the rat is still around. The comfrey will act as an activator and help the heap to cook. 4 good cuts from the comfrey this year and at least one more to come.

May 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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