Back Strained and Cars on the Plot

Oh No! What have I done?

Taking advantage of a fine afternoon I headed down to move yet more compost. Tony M greeted me with “You’re lucky, someone’s been nicking your compost. Look what I’ve got to move!” As the internet acronym goes – ROFLMAO

Willy from the top plot is making great inroads into his pile, especially considering he has the furthest to barrow it of all of us and Larry is doing well with his although, like me, it’s right by his plot.

One of our occasional plot holders turned up and looked really shocked he couldn’t drive right to his plot. Perhaps the enormous 200 yard walk from the car park is a little far for him. I explained how the piles of compost were being split and he’s apparently bringing a team to help move it onto his weed covered deep beds. He was really surprised the weeds had grown. I bet he’d love a plot with wide concrete paths between deep beds raised to 4×4 window level. Yes a drive-thru lotty!

Larry reckons I’m getting grumpy in my old age. Perhaps it’s more to do with my aching back. I kept at it for about three hours today thinking the exercise would get the aches out. Unfortunately when I got home and sat down my back seized up. Val rubbed some ibuprofen gel in and I popped a couple of pills but it’s not good. I’m sitting typing and it’s fine until I try and move. Then it’s a real ouch.

Well, I dare say I’ll survive. Now for the great move to the settee.

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