Moving Compost and Ebay

Moving More Compost

The rain decided to stop, finally, so back to moving the compost pile. This time I decided to be sensible and limited myself to a two hour session with frequent breaks. I don’t know why moving compost into a barrow should cause my back to ache so much, after all , I can dig over for two hours with no problem apart from a few twinges in the shoulder.

Despite being careful, I’ve certainly got an ache again but a couple of ibuprofen should sort me out. Just another two sessions should do it.

Got home, had a bowl of soup then conked out on the settee for an hour. No one could accuse me of being fit!

New Camera

Sunday was a pretty miserable day and I wasn’t into doing much of anything so I ended up on Ebay and bought myself a camera. I looked at what was around and settled on an Olympus Camedia 4040 Zoom. Before I bid, I checked out some review sites and apparently it has almost a cult following. The lens is supposed to be really good and especially in low light. Should arrive soon so be prepared for pictures of everything and anything until the fun wears off.

I lost the first one I put a bid in for but got the one with additional memory cards that was nest to finish. Decided exactly what I was willing to go to, added ?1.75 and put that in as my maximum bid with one minute to go. Watched the competition scrambling to beat me as a continually refreshed the page until the wonderful ‘You’ve Won’ message appeared. It’s as addictive as gambling with a prize or at least no money lost every time

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