Moving Compost and Mulching Main Crop Potatoes

Another fine day in paradise!

It was a really warm sunny day so nothing too strenuous (hah!)

First I emptied the compost bin on plot 29, mulched the main crop potatoes with about 3 cubic yards of compost and then put about 4 cubic yards of turkey litter in the bin. At the moment I am using the green compost machine, which is adequate for my needs. When I need the larger capacity later in the year, the turkey litter should have rotted down enough to use safely.

Weeding and watering gave me a break from hard labour. A sharpened hoe is so much easier to use and much more efficient.

Decided to solve the problem of watering the deep beds on 29. At present I have to cart water from standpipes which are a distance away or carry the hosepipe over. So mounted a barrel I inherited (with tap) on an old chair base to enable me to get the watering can under the tap.

This was carefully adjusted to make level then I started to fill it with the hosepipe. When the barrel was about half full the legs sank into the earth so emptied the barrel and mounted the legs on bits of broken flag. Re-filled the barrel and success.

Planted a few more spring onions (white lisbon) and radish (18 jours from France but they look like our French Breakfast) on the salad bed.

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