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Running the Merry Tiller and Tomato Troubles

Merry Tiller time arrives and she starts on the second pull. A small disaster in the greenhouse though with the tomatoes

Gardening Day, Potting Onions, Sowing and a Vist to Garden Centre

Visit to Stapeley then sowing the tomatoes, peppers etc. Moving the onions along starting to build some benching for the greenhouse.

Time to Sow Despite Cold Weather

Despite cold weather, spring is coming and it's time to sow. I've been busy in the greenhouse.

Ripening Tomatoes and Spanish Rotavators

Returned from sunny Spain to find grey skies and fast growing weeds and ripened tomatoes

Layer Cake Compost Heap

Rebuilding compost heaps, pumpkin hiding place revealed and potato sorting.

Storing the Surplus with Tomato Recipes

Poured with rain so decided to try out Allotment Lady's recipe. Not good but brilliant!

Slugs Eating Tomatoes

Tomatoes and those slugs. From large brown ones with a red frill around the edge to tiny black ones all slugs seem to have one aim. To eat my tomatoes!

Converting Garden Waste into Useful Compost

Quick delivery trip to the compost bins converting garden waste to something useful and harvesting the last of the sweetcorn

Harvesting Potatoes Orla and Anya. Slug Damage a Problem

Potato harvest continues. The last half row of the first early Orla had a good yield but the recent rain has spurred the slugs into a feeding frenzy - hardly any are untouched.

June 2024

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