Leeks and a Parsnip, still Heating the Greenhouse

Leeks and a Parsnip

Arose this morning to wet snow falling, one of those winter days it’s hard to take any pleasure from. My mission, to obtain some leeks and a parsnip for tonight’s tea.

So there I was, the only soul on the site, in fact, the only soul daft enough to be outside, with the rain pattering down on my anorak hood. The first job was to empty the kitchen waste bin into the compost bin on the plot. Amazing how it’s gone down since I last looked.

Then six leeks were trimmed into the compost heap and a couple of good sized parsnips had the mud scraped off. Into the bag and then just had to check the garlic in pots in the coldframe. They’re nearly all popped up and were a little dry. Seems very strange to be watering plants in the pouring rain, but that’s gardening for you.

Locked up the shed back home in fifteen minutes.

I did feel better for some fresh air, though. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer the last few days and I think it was time for a break!


The tomatoes in the propogator are up already, The Ailsa Craig and Sungold being the furthest along. I can see me potting on over the weekend.


The onion seedlings in the greenhouse are doing OK. The paraffin heater has been on half power at night to keep them frost free and hopefully it will not be too long before they can get planted out. Perhaps under cloches to start with. I’m pretty sure winter isn’t over by a long chalk,

Web Site

I’ve been working on this site in the background, A fairly major new section will be going live shortly. Yes, I am being mysterious.

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