Running the Merry Tiller and Tomato Troubles

Tiller Time

The Merry Tiller was dragged out into the light today. I say light, beautiful sunshine is a more accurate description. Larry helpfully showed me where to put some oil but the local garage and DIY store didn’t sell any SAE30 oil so it got topped up with the same 15-40 I had all along at home for the car.

It didn’t burst into flames or explode. Indeed it started on the second pull and ran sweet as a nut.

The first few times  I used the Merry Tiller I found it really tiring and straining back and arms but when you get the knack you let the machine do the work. If it bounces and runs away you slow it down. If it digs down and doesn’t go forward you press down on the handles to make the front lift or just push lightly on one side and then the other to snake it forward.

It’s still a bit of a job and quite tiring but you don’t feel like you’ve gone ten rounds in the boxing ring when you get used to it.

Well after going over plot five twice it was about seven and going a bit colder so I decided to call it a day.

Bit of a Disaster with the Tomatoes

Some of the tomatoes and cucumbers had germinated upstairs and were being a little drawn due to the lack of light so I moved them into the greenhouse in the other heated propagator.

Well I forgot to switch it on overnight so they had a bit of a cold shock and looked pretty sorry for themselves this morning. Now that wasn’t the disaster. Ha! I thought put the propagator on for half an hour and warm them up a bit. Well, one thing and another and three hours later I go out into the greenhouse where the sunshine has raised the temperature and the propagator has now cooked them thoroughly.

Time to sow some more.

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